What is a Web Banner? – Web Banner Design, Definition & Example

What is a Web Banner?

Web banner operates as online advertisements showcased in the sidebars, footer, or header of websites. They are a cost-effective type of digital advertising. Web banners have been utilized by many businesses that seek to increase customer engagement and brand awareness.

You can create web banners on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, or Google for advertisements. They normally consist of a video, logo image, or CTA (Call to Action), persuading users to click on for essential information.

Web banners vary in size and shape. It mostly depends on the type of platform you are using for your advertisement campaigns. The display ad platforms that are prominent include Facebook, Amazon, and Google. These platforms give advertisers the chance to utilize diverse banner options, which can form the required shape and size of the banner.

How to Design a Web Banner?

  • Decide on Your Campaign Goal

First, you need to focus on your campaign goal. This is what will allow you to expand on your entire banner ad campaign. It will also inspire you to decide about your choice’s ad platform and web banner size. The primary web banner’s goal is to increase brand awareness, second is to generate leads, and the third is to generate revenue.

  • Choose Ad Platform

Once you have decided upon your campaign goal, you need to choose the ad platform in which you want to advertise your banner. The appropriate platforms include Facebook Display Ads, Microsoft Audience Ads, and Google Display networks. You can personally examine each platform before narrowing down to which one you choose to advertise.

  • Choose Ad Placement & Banner Size

It would be best to make the necessary decision pertaining to your banner ad’s banner size and ad placement. The banner size and ad placement options vary in each platform. You can pick the header, footer, or within the website body for your ad placement.     

  • Proceed to Design the Ad

Once you have selected an ad platform, ad size, and ad placement of your choice, you can construct and design it. You can also have your web banner designed by a professional for an affordable cost.

  • Customize Your Ad Template

Once you select your ad template, you need to ensure its customization. Your web banner should consist of your logo, business name, and a CTA. It should be placed on a background image or color so that it does now overwhelm the text.

  • Download Your Finished Banner

After customizing your web banner’s design, you should proceed to download your banner after you have updated your file name. If you want to understand how to update your file name, you have to click the template’s name at the screen’s right-hand corner. Once you have done that, you can download your banner.

  • Create Your Display Ad Campaign

The last process step is to display your ad campaign through which you will utilize your web banner. Go to your chosen ad platform and construct a new ad campaign. After incorporating the budget, settings, and other campaign creation prompts, you can deliver your ad to receive approval. Google Ads is the perfect example to initiate your ad campaign.

Web Banner Examples

  • Hyatt

Hyatt is displayed through its three-column style banner. Its first column showcases the name of the company. The second column gives off an appealing image from a specific location of its company to attract the viewer’s attention. The third column has a purple background with a “Shop Now” CTA Button.

  • Lulus

Lulus is a women’s fashion brand. Its banner ad is designed in a clutter-free manner, consisting of a single image and limited texts. It utilizes its messaging by promoting the brand’s clothing line for certain events. The ad’s centerpiece includes the CTA and brand name. The two showcase the simplicity of the ad.

  • Dokan

Dokan has utilized a more modern illustration on its web banner to outshine its competition. Dokan is a software used with WordPress. It uses a diverse range of colors without letting it overwhelm the design. The colors of its CTA button reflect the colors in the illustrations. The company name is incorporated with the words “Dream Marketplace.” It uses white fonts on both words. Its CTA offers a free trial which users can use without investing their money.

  • Alfa Romeo

What helps the Alfa Rome ad stand out is that it consists of a lot of information in its headline, logo, description, and two CTA buttons. The texts are whitened with a grey background so that it does not look cluttered. On the other hand, the promoted vehicle and CTA buttons are in red, giving them a desirable outlook.

  • Alo Yoga

Alo Yoga’s web banner is the perfect example of how a web banner can appear uncluttered with a sensible amount of text. It comprises contrasting colors between the background and font. The usage of the font is bold to give it more prominence. The amalgamation of these elements showcases the ad message. This allows the message of the banner to be more readable and get more clicks.

Web Banner construction requires a lot of work. There is no guarantee that you can pull it off on your own. There is no shame in admitting that you need help. This is where you can gain a graphic design agency’s services that can provide you with a dedicated designer who can do the job for you. Having a web banner at your disposal is the ultimate key to success.