What is Seedbox? Benefits of Seedbox Hosting

Are you concerned about your privacy and the means to hide it from others? In almost every scenario, people are in search of a secured privacy option that can keep them and their personal information protected. Hence, Seedbox has achieved a lot of fame when it comes to downloading movies from torrent. With several activities-related to internet and traffic monitoring, privacy plays a major role to be considered.      

What is Seedbox?

Seedbox is a remote server that holds the high speed and featured with an IP address. It is used for quick and secure upload and download of online files at 10Mb/s to 1000Mb/s. It also helps to obtain fast speeds that have high speed on torrents. With a seedbox hosting, users can easily upload or download stuff on their personal devices. Following are the list of benefits of using a seedbox hosting-

  • Speed: The downloading speed is a significant advantage of using a seedbox hosting. Because of its 100Mbit of lines, online files upload and download become much faster. Besides securing the download, it also offers the highest speed along with the option to download a large amount of personal data on a secured network. Hence, seedbox hosting greatly improves the speed of both upload and download of stuff.  
  • Ratio: It is quite simple and easy to maintain the ration with seedbox hosting. It is featured with a big hard drive so users can download the online stuff by using the private tracker and can also leave files on uploading. It does not even need any extra effort and maintaining the ratio on sites.   
  • Security: It facilitates high-end security and safety as well. With a seedbox hosting, users are not required to use bit torrent clients on their personal devices, and not even to concern about the RIAA or MPAA spy. You will no longer get DMCAA notices or warning letters from ISP. It will also provide users with complete security. Hence, it is clear that seedbox hosting provides high-end secured platforms to upload online files, which are completely safe and protected.   
  • Uploading and Downloading: The torrents are more focused on seeding and least concerned about upload and download. With a seedbox hosting, the ratio can be 1:1, as a good ratio holds greater value. It can even pause or delete torrents and can be replaced with new ones. A secured and high-speed upload and download are the major reasons as to why users go for this application. It is further suitable to maximize the transfer rate as users don’t have any limitations for online files download.    
  • Convenience: It is highly convenient as it won’t allow your computer to use data allowance. With a seedbox hosting, you can regularly upload and download large files without concerning about the speed. You only need to set up a cheap storage seedbox for the reading tracker, which will automatically download all online files.  
  • Stream Online Video Files: It is also responsible for hosting media files, and some are featured with pre-installed Plex and KODI. Seedbox also works as a media center that facilitates quick sorting, which one can watch by directly streaming via a web browser. Therefore, rather than opening a private account, users can directly stream online files with it.
  • Prohibits P2P Traffic: In most of the places, downloading of peer-to-peer traffic is prohibited. It can be your school, workplace, or home when ISP is limited. However, it helps users to easily download files and watch them anytime. Seedbox is featured with an easy to use management web browser that allows upload and download of convenient files.  

Hence, privacy is subjected to concern among people all around, and it becomes mandatory to make use of this helpful application. Seedbox will help you to monitor everything, offer you secured safety. So, it is a one-stop solution for everyone who seeks to enjoy a secure way to upload and download online files. It will also increase the downloading speed and the best part is that a seedbox can run on all the operating systems, including Windows, MAC, Linux, and others.