Understanding Portfolio Performance Reporting Software and its Advantages.

Earlier the financial advisors and wealth managers tend to prepare 50-60 pages of paper reports for HNI and other affluents clients. They have to communicate a lot with the clients regarding their transactions, payments and other details. 

With the advancement in technologies, the wealth management domain has changed a lot. The clients are demanding a simple and easily accessible reporting structure. This has led to the creation of online client portals where the clients can easily track their investment returns, fund allocation, and other related things. 

So, Portfolio Performance Reporting Software can be defined as the computer application that can help to work with all kinds of portfolios, support a large variety of classes of assets, helps the advisors in analyzing and making informed decisions, and even help with pre-trade compliance. 

We have briefly discussed the advantages of the software. 

Benefits of Portfolio Performance Reporting Software

Report Creation: Using Portfolio Performance Reporting software like ReportWa, advisors can easily create pixel-perfect reports and can customize these reports as per the client’s expectations and demands. As an HNI is expecting to see different things than Ultra-High Net-Worth Individual (UHNWI). You can also use attractive templates, pie charts, bar charts, different logos, and many other things. 

Performance Reporting: With Portfolio Performance reporting software, advisors can easily analyze the performance by comparing it with the previous reports. This helps in better and informed decision making. 

Integration: Integration is one of the most important aspects of any software. Integrating 3rd party tools and technology helps to grab more information from various data sources. Integration also helps in customizing the functionalities of the application. 

Accurate Data: Consistent and correct data is important in almost every industry. Portfolio performance reporting solves this problem by removing the redundant data and providing accurate data to the client. 

Automation: Performance reporting software saves your time by automating the reporting process and other workflows. Thus you can spend more time on client communication and managing other clients. 

Compliance: To ensure that the rules and regulations are met, compliance is very much necessary. Performance reporting software helps to attain compliance and make things more uniform.

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