The Benefits of Railways Overhead Electrification System

Indian railways has undertaken a massive transformation in order to electrify the railway lines of the country within a short span of time. Most of the railway tracks are electrified and some of them are in process. Be it shunting in railway or overhead electrification the contractors are in the process of completing the task with the help of reputed railway manufacturing companies. These companies are known to provide the contractors with materials, inspection vehicles or tools or other supplies that is needed for electrification work. Let us now explore some of the benefits of low frequency or low voltage overhead electrification system

From the locomotive zero exhaust emerges

This is one of the major benefits experienced from the overhead  electrification system that is enjoyed by the passengers. It is made free from the exhausted smoke or dust that tends to emerge from the diesel engines. As a passenger you can enjoy a pollution free environment or ambience enjoyed by the trains with a railway overhead electrification system.

Peps up your efficiency levels

The overhead electrification peps up the power to weight ratio as the trains are made free from the online board tracks. The trains of today can work with better locomotives at a higher speed. This is a proven tested system and trains have incorporated it as part of their carrier and passenger settings. It paves way for faster acceleration along with limit of power.

The system of quick start and stop

This works out to be another major benefit of overhead electrification. The train is in a position to start and stop quickly. This excellent feature has gone on to enhance the efficiency of the trains in the suburban regions of Mumbai, Kolkata etc. It has come to the fore that they are nearly 2300 trains operating in the region of Mumbai itself. With a quick system of acceleration it helps the trains to cover more distance faster as the Indian railways is well on the verge to spread this sytem to all major regions of the country. Just like train shunting this system will find a lot of takers in the days to come.

Cuts down operating cost

This is another major benefit that is cashed in by the government of the country. In comparison to the internal combustion engines the electrical traction system of the country is a lot efficient. As per reports that emerge from the Indian railways this system ends up saving millions in terms of fuel consumption. This in turn contributes to massive saving as far as foreign exchange of the country is concerned.

Provides for a cleaner environment

Not only electrical traction provides a cleaner environment for the passengers but even the benefits roll over to the surrounding environment. This is more economical when you compare it to the diesel engines that is put to use in the regions of flora and fauna. The noise and air pollution is reduced whereby few form of disturbances are created for the wildlife of the region.