Tuesday, April 23, 2024

5 Reasons Why Online Teaching App is a Big HIT!

The online teaching app has become one of the most essential applications in every student’s life. Teaching and learning without such an online teaching app have no meaning nowadays. In this present era, where digitalization has brought a great revolution in overall developmental processes, the Pandemic situation made such applications more popular among people around the world. According to a report, During the advent of the Covid-19 pandemic situation, around 900 million times, the online teaching app has been downloaded from different platforms like the Google app stores or Apple’s App Stores. And till today, the number is still increasing.

During the Pandemic situation, when the entire system became stagnated, it is the online teaching app that continued to serve the purpose to build our future world. And till now, when the situation has come under a controlled state, people often like to opt for this online teaching app. You may wonder, why such applications are still preferred when the schools have already reopened. The main reason for being such a big hit the online teaching app such as extramarks is:

  1. A new way of learning: We as a learner often like to learn with the help of new innovative methods. The more innovative methods used in teaching-learning processes, the students find more interest in their studies. An online teaching app like the extramarks often aims to make the entire study process more interesting for its candidates, so that they could find fun in learning the listed lessons. Hence, with the help of experts, new methods are often used to teach the students through this online teaching app, such as – various games, quizzes, etc. introduced, so that the students could easily grasp the idea behind the lessons and could remember it more correctly.
  1. Collection of online study materials: The online study materials are said to be rendered a truly new dimension for its students in the teaching-learning processes. The users often find a virtual library that contains all the valuable notes prepared by the experts. It provides the virtual collection of study materials from which they could easily segregate their required materials according to their need.
  1. High portability as well as mobility: With the help of this learning app, the students could easily learn their lessons on the go. One can access such applications from their mobile phones. Hence it is mobile. Along with that, the students, as well as the teachers, could easily access the application, anywhere and at any time. All they need is a mobile phone and internet connections.
  1. Enhancement of the parent-teachers communications: in traditional learning processes, parent-teachers communications were not always possible due to many circumstances such as lack of exact time adjustment between the teachers and the parents. But thanks to the online teaching app like Extramarks, the parents could easily check their ward’s progress through parent-teacher communications. It often provides such a facility through which the parents or the teachers could easily reach each other through the app.
  1. Interactive learning methods: The online teaching app often offers an interactive learning process, where the students could easily reach the teachers personally to find out their quires. Not only that, but the teacher could also reach the students individually and check on their studies, motivating them to study more. Thus, such online applications are often becoming more popular day by day.

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