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An unlisted private company called Chai Sutta Bar Private Limited was established on January 17, 2018. It is a private limited corporation with its headquarters in Indore, Madhya Pradesh. Its total paid-up capital is INR 10,000, and its authorised share capital is INR 10,000.

For the fiscal year that ends on March 31, 2021, Chai Sutta Bar’s operating sales will range from INR 1 to 100 crore. Its EBITDA increased over the prior year by 1,293.31 percent. Additionally, Chai Sutta Bar net worth has grown by 161.50 percent. There are other performance and liquidity ratios available here.

Seventy-plus cities in India and four other countries now have chai bars, and the Chai Sutta Bar business is well-known nationwide.

The owner of Chai Sutta bar is Anubhav Dubey. The Chai Sutta Bar shop he owns is well-known.

Anubhav Dubey is a well-known businessman and entrepreneur in India. By selling tea at the young age of 25, Anubhav Dubey has grown his company to a value of Rs 100 crore.

Some personal information about Anubhav Dubey

Real NameAnubhav Dubey
ProfessionBusinessman, Entrepreneur
Famous forFounder and Owner of Chai Sutta Bar
Age26 Years
HobbiesTravelling, Reading
EducationRenaissance College of Commerce and Management
Net WorthEstimated 50 crore INR +

Anubhav Dubey was born on January 1, 1996, into a Hindu family in Rewa, Madhya Pradesh, India.

After finishing his studies at Maharishi Vidya Mandir in Rewa, Anubhav Dubey was accepted to Renaissance College of Commerce and Management, where he earned his degree.

Anubhav Dubey After receiving his degree, he relocated to Delhi to start preparing for the UPSC, where he started delivering tea to his friends and studying. When he was in Delhi for his UPSC preparation, he started a business selling tea with his Indore-based friend Anand Nayak. They then launched a tea stall in a storefront they had rented close to a girls’ dormitory. Chai Sutta Bar was the name of the tea business when it first opened. Then, their tea shop began to gain a lot of customers.

Then Anubhav Dubey and his pals set about trying to launch a new franchise and expand their current one. At the moment, they operate more than 165 stores. They are opening stores in Canada and the USA in addition to its locations in India, Dubai, Muscat, Oman, and Nepal. 70+ Cities now have chai bars, and the Chai Sutta Bar outlet is well recognised throughout India and the other 4 countries. Tea salesman Anubhav Dubey, who is only 25 years old, has grown his company to a value of Rs 100 crore.

Chai Sutta Bar Net Worth

  • Net Worth :  Estimated 50 crore INR +.
  • Income of Anubhav Dubey :  25 Lakh +

Chai Sutta Bar : A Successful Venture

Anubhav Dubey was in Delhi getting ready for the UPSC, one of the most important exams. At that point, his best college friend Anand Kumar called him, and he received the advice to start a business. Anubhav had no other plans because he was so excited about his new business that he made a direct trip from Delhi to Indore.

However, neither of them had a solid financial foundation and only had three lakhs to use for this firm. They started looking for a place with a peaceful atmosphere. After hours of aimless wandering, I eventually discovered a cement shop in Bhawar kuan, Indore.

Since their three lakhs had already been spent, they had little money. They completed everything on their own, including cementing the surface and removing extra stairs before serving the diners. Furthermore, they didn’t have enough money to purchase a fancy board, so they used a sizable piece of plywood and painted the words “CHAI SUTTA BAR” on it. And Anubhav rented the equipment from a fellow student for the hardware. They did their best with everything, from the interior design to the music systems and bar tables.

Preliminary Days

On their first day of work, they made the decision to provide free “chai” to everybody who stopped by. Nevertheless, they were unable to get any customers because no marketing or advertising was done. But fortunately for Anubhav, their cafe was very next to the Girls Hostel. According to his approach, “boys will follow wherever you attract the mob of girls.”

Anubhav made it easier by inviting all of his buddies around for breakfast the next morning thanks to the Girls’ Hostel. As a result, a false crowd formed and drew in more individuals. Finally, His “Chai” and this distinctive coffeehouse were made known. Daily customers started to add up.


Finally, the Chai Sutta Bar became ingrained in everyone’s memory, and they went there to take a break. Anubhav and Anand then employed several marketing strategies. He claimed that he and Anand had discussions about the thriving Cafe at Bhawarkua in public settings. so that people would pay attention and come once.

Franchises were soon opened, and as they went up one by one, they immediately started selling. Mumbai was the location of Anubhav’s fourth franchise. He took just six months to travel from Indore, known as “Mini-Mumbai,” to Mumbai, “the city of dreams.”

Unknown facts about Anubhav Dubey

  • He is the head of the Farz Foundation, which aids those in need.
  • He received a Young Change Maker Award (UNYCC) from the UN.
  • He and Anand Nayak, his companion at Chai SUtta Bar.
  • Every day, he sells more than 3 lakh kulhad of tea.
  • Currently, Chai Sutta Bar employs about 1500 people.
  • The Chai Sutta Bar was the target of two drug raids.
  • Tech Master Gogo is an IT business owned by Anubhav.
  • Ceramic products are traded by Chai Sutta Bar Trading Pvt. Ltd.
  • He intended to launch the 2 boti 4 roti non-vegetarian product brand.

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