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The Success Story of Manoj Tulsani, CEO of Rayna Group

Recently, we got to speak to Manoj Tulsani about his entrepreneurial journey which is quite fascinating. So, let us see how he built his multi-million-dirham company despite coming from a humble background. 

Who is Manoj Tulsani? 

Manoj Tulsani is the co-founder and CEO of Rayna Group where one of its core entities is Rayna Tours and Travels. He was born in the Indian state of Rajasthan at Ajmer. He received his graduation in Commerce from Bombay University before he came to Dubai in 1999. He launched his career with Safeer Group of Companies as Marketing Executive and later worked as the Marketing Head at Time Machine Group of Companies. After almost six years, he embarked on his mission to pursue his passion for travel and business; this led to the start of Rayna Tours in 2006. Since then, his business has thrived and is now one of the best travel management companies in the industry. 

The Journey of Rayna Tours 

Rayna Tours and Travels is a travel company with a difference! Rayna Tours grew out of a small travel boutique in a Dubai hotel, known as Flora Grand Hotel. It started out with the simple ideal to arrange Dubai activities and tours to the hotel guests at affordable rates. But, it turned out to be hugely effective and profitable as they opened 15 plus outlets within two years. And it didn’t take too long for Rayna Tours to transform itself as one of the region’s top Destination Management Companies. 

Over the years, Rayna Tours has broadened both its service line-up and horizon. It continues to be the number one choice for all types of travel needs, being a one-stop travel solution provider. From international visa services and global hotel reservation system to full-suit holiday packages inclusive of accommodations, transfers, activities etc, the company’s heavy service portfolio caters to both B2C and B2B markets.

What makes Rayna Tours stand out from its competitors? 

Rayna Tours is one of the few service providers in the industry that have end-to-end control over its entire sale channel or service procedures. This allows them to sell their products and services directly to the customers while bypassing all kinds of pricey, unstable middlemen in the channel. The outcome is that majority of offerings, especially desert safaris, transfers and cruises, come with exceptional service accompanied by best price guarantee. 

The company has further made travel more rewarding and easier through its in-house technical facility, Technoheaven Consultancy. Besides its two main portals ( and, it has created several apps and programs – all built on an innovative yet extremely user-friendly platform. This makes sure that their guests receive exceptional customer service on round the clock basis. 

Overall, this has not only elevated their brand loyalty but also expanded their market opportunities seamlessly. The business now has its successful existence in over ten countries across the world. It has also received several prestigious accolades for its exceptional customer service, mainly the greatest TripAdvisor Award (Travelers’ Choice Award), Arabian Travel Award (for Best Destination Management Company and Best B2B Portal), and Best Partner Award for Dubai Parks and Resorts. 

Rayna Tours’ Major Challenges and Failures 

Manoj, along with Kamlesh Ramchandani – his friend and former colleague at Safeer Group of Companies, started Rayna Tours as a small venture. Coming from the trading industry, the duo literally didn’t have any clue on how to run or grow a business in the service industry. In other words, both had a very little expertise in the new domain and had to face considerable criticisms from all sides for leaving their successful careers behind. The relatively new business concept (back then) and the lack of enough funds (strong investments),plus the absence of a strong guide or guru,all added fuel to their initial struggles. 

How did Rayna Tours emerge into an astonishing success? 

Rayna Tours’ continued passion for travel and customer satisfaction is one major factor that has took them a long way to turn their business idea into a huge reality and an extraordinary success. Their ever enthusiastic attitude and readiness to take lessons from every obstacle contributed to their growth along the way. No matter how big or small a challenge, this allows them to see a light at the end of the tunnel. In fact, Rayna Tours is one of the few companies that have sensibly navigated the pandemic and managed to rebound and survive its torments. 

Even in this most uncertain and toughest phase, they have focused on customers’ unique travel requirements and demands by tapping new resources, devising renewed strategies, and working effectively with all stakeholders involved in the execution of a safe holiday or travel. This has helped them to stay afloat in the crisis time while giving a reassuring hope to the travelers and industry alike. 

As Rayna Tours continues to evolve and grow, new significant faces such as Himanshu Laul and Yasser Noman have joined the company which adds to its overall value and performance. Himanshu Laul is the company’s Managing Director; he is an alumni of the prestigious IIT (Indian Institute of Technology), Roorkee, with a degree in Architecture and Planning and a strong background in running successful businesses. Speaking of Yasser Noman, he is Rayna Tours’ Executive Chairman and holds degrees from such reputable institutions as London Business School and Hanley Business School.

Manoj’s Entrepreneurial Vision 

In the own words of Manoj, “To build a successful business, the first thing you will need is a strong vision.” According to him, every startup kicks off with a killer idea, but most of them go wrong when they are not able to keep up the spirit because of ongoing challenges and market competitions. He believes that the secret element behind the growth and success of every business is its team’s determination to innovate and the capacity to think creatively or differently. This cuts out for them the most feasible path to take their business forward. 

Major Advice for the Next Generation of Entrepreneurs 

“Be your own critic and prepare yourself for the most turbulent ride when you decide to start a business, particularly without any experience or background,” says Manoj. “Never be afraid to fail and don’t expect any favorable outcomes overnight. Building a business requires a lot of dedication and hard work; most businesses start off with an extraordinary idea but they fail due to their inability to market it effectively. With lots of competitions and challenges around you, it can be overwhelming in the beginning. Be patient in every circumstance and focus on one problem at a time. Most importantly, be ever attentive to listen to what your audience or customers have to say as they play a major role in making or breaking your business.” 

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