June 17, 2024

What to Look For in an RPO Company in India Offering Services in the USA

Choosing the best RPO services in India offering the best recruitment process services in the US requires careful consideration of several factors. Having a big impact, a decade of RPO experience, a pool of recruiting and sourcing experts, a dedicated resource service model, a secure project management infrastructure, and a SOC 2 compliance for US-based RPOs, fits the bill perfectly. A good RPO provider can offer a free trial which is a great way to evaluate their services before committing to them for long-term plans. 

RPO services are outsourced by 48% of US staffing firms to the best RPO service providers in India like CroxRPO. Nevertheless, the US staffing industry rarely emphasizes its outsourcing partners. Outsourcing is still a bit stigmatized but, there are many advantages to it. Also, offshoring work to RPO services in India is an excellent way to grow your recruitment and staffing company. 

Here are some factors to consider when choosing an RPO service in India.

An Excellent Talent Pool

A large talent pool is hard to build in the field of RPO assistance. The only RPO company in India that can accomplish this has a true sense of motivation. Moreover, it is important to have a talent pool made up of people with more than 4 years of experience in the industry. The process of maturing into experienced sourcing and recruiting professional takes approximately 4 years. The RPO service in India you choose should always have veterans as part of their offshore talent pool.

An Extensive Impact

You’ll know how deep your preferred RPO partner’s knowledge is and how wide the scope is by assessing this. A good RPO service in India cannot survive without bringing any value to the table.

SQA (Security & Quality Assurance)

Outsourcing a bad RPO partner will compromise your quality. A non-secure offshore RPO partner will lead to serious problems. In both cases, you need to ensure your preferred RPO Companies India can provide you with certifications, tools, and process expertise that demonstrate their ability to meet your security and quality assurance needs.


Having a large footprint comes second to the fact that some RPO services in India may survive even if they don’t offer great services. This factor, coupled with the company’s large footprint, shows you the company’s overall growth which you should look at when choosing an RPO for your recruitment needs. A company that has at least a decade of experience in the US and EU recruitment industry would be ideal.

An Individualized Model

You can use shared resources for your RPO service in India if you have a relatively small amount of work, but ask your offshoring partner for a dedicated resource model when you have a serious business to look into and you need to outsource your processes to be efficient and profitable. 

Using this, you are empowered to interview and hire your best sourcing team, recruiters who are experts with industry experience, and 24*7 sourcing. The next-door telephony feature allows you to communicate directly with your team by phone whenever there is something you need to. You need an offshore partner that can offer you a dedicated resource model to make an offshore partnership work!

The SOC 2 Compliance Standard

Your RPO partner in India must possess several certifications and compliances so that you can place your trust in them, guarantee the quality of their services, and establish a business relationship. One of these certifications is SOC 2 compliance. With this compliance in sight, you can be assured that information is confidential, accurate, reliable, and secure. There is no doubt that compliance with this is as essential a requirement for all forms of US division activities as with any other.

The Bottom Line

There you go. These are all factors you should consider when you choose an RPO service in India offering services in the USA!

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