May 30, 2024

What is Gondola Shelving?

When you manage or own a shop or business that also sells items as well as provides services, you will want a system to display your items on. One option is new or used gondola shelving units. They are free-standing and are an adaptable option where you can have shelving on either side of an aisle in the store. They come in different depths and heights as well so you can create different looks and adjust depending on the size of what you are selling on them. Heights range in general between 1.4 meters and 2.1 meters and then the depths start from 25cm and go up to 57cm. If you need to have a clear area of sight then you would choose lower displays. However, the higher shelving can have multiple items at various heights and attract more attention.

Positioning is key

When you are using used gondola units they are a great way to create aisles but they need to be positioned with a lot of thought and planning. You want to have the best traffic flow throughout the place, without people getting caught up in lines, or blocking certain parts of the store. You can use methods such as making the next unit shorter and so on until it creates a point in the aisle where the customers turn. You can decide whether longer aisles, but fewer of them are best, or more aisles but shorter ones are best. It depends on how big the property is and what effect you want to create. It is a great way to encourage a natural flow as customers move and browse the store. It encourages them to spend more time there and to explore the different aisles. It leads to more instances of impulse purchases.

Keep products novel and interesting

With a great choice of used gondola shelving, you can create unique displays and keep things interesting and fresh in your store. Change the configurations when you want to change the displays or focus on a different product. With their adjustability, you can change them without too much difficulty. Perhaps it is a certain season to draw in customers. Maybe you have a product you need to move to eye level. You can even use the tilting option on the shelving to display things at a slant, something particularly used when they have cards, magazines or comics to sell.


Whether you choose to just opt for used gondola shelving units or you are using a combination of options and display cases, it is a good way to create aisles, flow and show off your wares! Look at different tips on creating your displays and you will soon enjoy how much more products you can sell. Just make sure you plan it out on paper first. That way you can make any changes and adjustments more easily, and then set it up and only perhaps have a few changes you need to make before it is how you want it.

Mohit Jain

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