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AED Kit—What you Need to Know

Most people have probably never heard about an AED kitbut after reading this article you will.  The letters AED stand for automated external defibrillator and is what is used for someone that is having a heart attack.  This will help can help to regulate their heart rhythm and hopefully save their life.  Combining this with CPR can increase survival rates up to forty percent or more. 

This is not like the AED NZ ones you would see in a hospital.  This is a portable device that you might find on an airplane or in the airport, at a gym, or even at a mall.  When this device is used, it will deliver an electric shock through you4 chest to your heart.  If there is one available and there is someone that knows how to use it and someone to do CPR, it should be done.  For each minute that is delayed, it lessens the survival rate by about ten percent. This is where one’s aed training course will be useful.

In addition to knowing how to use an AED kit, it is good to know what is in the kit and what they are for.

  • AED—the machine itself uses lights, text messages, and/or voice prompts to guide you.
  • Defibrillator pads—on each pad that goes on the person, there should be details that illustrate where you need to place each pad.  It is ideal if there are two sets of pads in the kit. 
  • Biohazard bag—this is what is used to put all of the disposable contents in after use
  • Gloves—these are used to keep the environment sterile and to protect the rescuer and person having a heart attack.
  • Wire connectors—these are used to connect the pads to the device.
  • Scissors—these are used to cut their shirt so you can to their chest faster.
  • Disinfecting wipes—these are used to clean the chest area where the pads go.
  • Towelette—this is used to dry the area after using the disinfecting wipe
  • CPR mask—combining this with an oxygen inlet is used to help optimize the breathing part of CPR

There should be a person in charge of checking the AED NZ because the defibrillator pads do have an expiration date so you want to make sure that they are not expired.  If you want to learn how to use an AED, you can check with your local American Red Cross to sign up for classes and become certified.  You will also be trained and certified in CPR.  It just takes a few hours to take the course and become certified.  The certification is for two years, at which time you will need to be recertified by taking a shorter course to test your knowledge and refresh your skills.


This is a great certification to have if you work in a doctor’s office, nursing home, or your house if you have someone living there with a heart condition, or anywhere they do not have the machines that a hospital has.  It can mean the difference between surviving and dying.

Mohit Jain

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