May 30, 2024
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Things You Should Never Do After Getting Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery is a complex procedure and it has a lot of complications if not handled in a proper way. To achieve the desired outcome, you need to take some precautions. This article enlists the necessary precautions after plastic surgery.

1. Do Not Smoke

You might not realize the kind of effect smoking might have after plastic surgery. It not only increases the risk of complications but also slows down the recovery process. Smoking leads to constricting blood vessels and affecting blood circulation. It also deprives your blood of oxygen and hence damages the tissue repair mechanism. Thus, not smoking is a major precaution after plastic surgery that you need to take care of.

2. Avoid Going Out in the Sun Without Proper Protection

If you take proper care of yourself, then you will experience speedy recovery of the scars. Your care precaution must include staying away from the sun for a few months. If you expose your scars to the sun in the initial stages of recovery, then it will make your scars puffy and red. Thus, one of the most important plastic surgery precautions is staying away from the sun. If it is urgent to go out, then you must use a broad-spectrum sunscreen or cover yourself with a cloth.

3. Ignore the Instructions of Your Surgeon

Before the day of surgery, your surgeon will give instructions on how to take care of yourself. They will ask you to take as much rest as possible and avoid intense workouts. This will enable your body to heal faster. Your surgeon will also provide you with a compression garment to wear for several weeks. The surgeon will provide you with this after surgeries like Brazilian Butt Lift. This will ensure that your body stays in shape and helps you in faster recovery.

4. Do Not Rush to Drive

The no-drive rule is common after you go through any surgery. This is because driving and moving around will harm your incision wounds. It can happen when you are steering, shifting gears, and doing other activities. These activities disrupt the wound and the sutures that hold it together. A lot of leading surgeons for plastic surgery in Miami suggest not driving for several weeks. Following these precautions are very much important to avoid plastic surgery side effects.

5. Do Not Lift Heavy Things Until the Surgeon Tells You It Is Okay

If your surgeon tells you to not lift a certain weight, you should follow them at any cost. Because you can do physical activities, lift weights, etc. does not mean that you have healed. One of the basic precautions after plastic surgery is to avoid lifting heavy weights. Excessive straining will cause the wounds of surgery to open. This will also cause infections. This will affect the process of wound care after plastic surgery.

6. Do Not Judge the Results After 6 Months of Surgery

After plastic surgery, swelling is a common thing. It may take some time for your scars and swelling to disappear. The complete healing process needs at least 6 months. Sometimes it may even take longer than that. You must be quite patient during the recovery and wait for the results to appear.

7. Avoid Having Unhealthy Eating Habits

This is a basic yet important precaution after plastic surgery that you need to take care of. Having a balanced diet is very important. To keep the results of your plastic surgery for a long time, you must avoid too sugary or salty food. Food with a higher salt amount can cause water retention and affect the results of the procedure. When you have too much sugary food, you affect your immune system and hamper the healing process.

8. Avoid Getting Dehydrated

Hydration is the most important thing you need after your plastic surgery. Drinking water helps you replenish the fluids that you have lost during the surgery. If you stay dehydrated for too long, you will hamper the results to a great extent.

The post-surgery phase is as impactful as the surgery. To get the best results from your plastic surgery, you need to take all these precautions with due care. Apart from that, you must be patient with the result of the process. Trust the fact that you will soon be back on your feet in no time and embrace the new you!

Aditya Shahi

Aditya Shahi is a BSc Agriculture student and an avid blogger, passionate about sharing his knowledge and experiences with his readers.