July 14, 2024
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How to choose a Yoga Bolster?

A bolster is generally a firm, narrow, long, cylindrical pillow or cushion, which is used for support on a sofa or bed while placing between other pillows or cushions. Most people use bolster along with pillows to ensure mild support to the posture in the day as well as in nighttime, simultaneously giving a classic look to their bedroom. However, since yoga teacher B.K.S. Iyenger has introduced the use of bolster within Yoga practice in the 1960s, yoga bolsters are now therefore widely used among Yoga practitioners to deal with the troubles in maintaining proper posture during Yoga practices. Stick to the end of this article that will help you understand how the uses of yoga bolster make yoga practice more effective and comfortable. Moreover, why should you buy yoga bolster online?

Know about Yoga Bolster

Yoga Bolsters are cylindrical-shaped as well as rectangular-shaped, long, firm, narrow cushions or pillows that are widely used during yoga practices, especially special yoga classes such as restorative yoga or pregnancy yoga. It helps to practice different postures in specific conditions or injuries.

It won’t be wrong to term yoga bolster as the best friend of restorative yoga. It offers extra support to the part of the body that requires relatively more support and therefore makes postures firm yet comfortable. Moreover, it encourages total relaxation and release in making different postures.

Choose a perfect yoga bolster for you!

Since yoga bolster comes in different sizes and shapes, it might be tricky to select which one is suitable for you. First, you need to make sure what your purpose is to use a bolster. For instance, for restorative yoga, meditation, or just wish to have one for your bedroom. Or if you are going to practice yoga in a particular condition or with injuries, consult with a yoga teacher to ensure you buy a perfect yoga bolster for you.

There are five major things that you need to consider while buying a yoga bolster for you.

  1. Size: Some yoga bolsters are much longer and bigger than normal size. Thus, you need to make sure you have gone through the size dimensions before you make a choice.
  2. Shape: Most yoga bolsters come in three shapes- rectangular, lean, and cylindrical. However, cylindrical yoga bolsters are used extensively, you need to decide which shaped bolster is best for you.
  3. Weight: Depending on what bolsters are filled with, they greatly vary in weight. If you need to carry the yoga bolster along to the class, a lightweight bolster would be best suitable for you.
  4. Filling: Yoga bolsters come in a variety of fillings that depend on their different uses. Explore and get to know what is best suitable for your needs!
  5. Pattern and Color: Yoga bolsters are available in varied colors as per the preferences of customers. Check yoga mat manufacturers in India to buy a matching yoga mat along with a Yoga bolster.

Some Yoga Poses with Yoga Bolster

  • Balasana aka Child’ Pose

This asana helps to reduce stress, release tension in the chest, and is responsible for good sleep. You need to kneel on the floor to perform this Yoga asana, put a bolster between your things and widen your knees. Now, make sure your torsos are folded over the bolster and your head is turned one side.

  • Sukhasana aka Easy Pose

The pose to sukhasana is not as easy as the name suggests. You might have to use a bolster to give it a perfect pose. This asana helps you calm your mind, improve body posture and open hips, broaden chest and collarbones, reduce anxiety and stress, etc.

  • Viparita Karani aka Legs Up the Wall Pose

Viparita Karani boosts energy, alleviates headache, relieves lower back pain, and so on. You can smoothly perform it with the help of a yoga bolster. Sit sideways along a wall and slowly lift your legs while putting your buts on the yoga bolster.


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