May 30, 2024

Things To Do in Orland Park, Illinois

If you want to witness the thrill with your family, then Orland is possibly the best choice for you. With the multitude of places available in the place, you will possibly be able to do a lot of things in this place. With the range of Universal, Disney, and SeaWorld attractions, you can do a lot of activities with your family in Orland. This is the reason why people do not get tired of coming back to Orland over and over again. 

The range of options for recreation and entertainment in Orland makes it one of the prime locations. So if you are already tired of the same old activities, you are definitely at the right place. To know more about the things to do in Orland, make sure that you are reading the following. Here we will check out the different places available in Orland park that can help you to enjoy a range of unique activities. So, without any further ado, let us have a look at the details. 

Orlando Science Center:

Coming out of the fairy tale and after spending time on wild rides, it is a great time to plan your outing in the Science Center, which can be something different for the youngsters in your family. You will find that getting indulged in the many activities of the place and changing their tune very easily. With more than hundreds of interactive activities available here, it tends to increase curiosity. 

The best part about the Science center is that the activities not only intrigue the young generation but also people of all ages are driven by the amazing things. The giant doomed theater, observatory, exhibit labs, live performances, and planetarium are some of the most common things that enable acquiring immense experience. You will find more about the forces, nature, astronomy, dinosaurs, and more. It is not only about education, but also it makes sure that it keeps you contained. 

Shingle Creek Regional Park:

This is a nature park where you can visit with your family and have a great time with them. However, there are no animatronic creatures or motorized trains that will give a tour of the park. But what you can do here is explore the entire place in a kayak. There are different types of things available like SUP, canoe, and kayak that you can choose to explore the beauty that the place holds. 

The best part is when you have a kayak, or you have taken another medium, you will be able to enjoy the activities with your family. Besides, you can spot great blue herons, bald eagles, yellow-bellied slider turtles, wild turkeys, river otters, whitetail deer, and even alligators. This nature park will certainly become a great choice. This is commonly known for being a great spot for hiking, picnicking, and enjoying water activities. 


This is a theme park technically; however, it is so low-key and old school park that it does not fit in today’s definition of a theme park. You will be able to find the difference right from the very start. The entrance fee to this park is extremely reasonable, with a giant mouth that acts as a doorway. This is a family-owned park that has been around since 1949. Being one of the older, you will be able to enjoy old school activities. 

The park features crocodiles, alligators, reptile shows, a breeding center, a splash zone, swamp walk, and other educational programs. You and your entire family will be able to find something for everyone in this park. There is even a chance to take part in gator wrestling if you want. Besides, don’t forget to experience the thrill on the 12,000 ft zip line, which is just above the alligator pool. 

Kelly Park Tubing: 

If you are always intrigued by the water activities then probably tubing is something that you will never forget. This fantastic activity offers an adrenaline rush in your entire body. Besides, this is one of the most amazing activities that you can do with your entire family. Irrespective of the size and age, tubing is something that everyone can try. Kelly Park has a lazy river which is why it becomes a good choice. 

This is a nature’s park that features a Wet and Wild park where you can get the opportunity of tubing. With real river included in this park, tubing becomes even more amazing and feels realistic. All you need is to rent a ring and then take a chill for an hour or two. 

Bottom Line: With the multiple places in Orland that offer diverse activities to do, you will never get bored in Orlando. From the water activities to the nature’s park to the animals, everything that you can find in the place will keep you on your toes. 

So these are the things to do in Orland, and now that you have known, you can go ahead to book your tickets. 

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