How Often Should You Get an Industrial Equipment Inspection?

Are you running a manufacturing business?

Your industry equipment’s safety and performance are vital. Defective machines are one of the primary causes of industrial accidents.

Machines fail when they’re too old. Sometimes, they fail sooner because of poor preventive equipment maintenance. Regular equipment inspection is a must.

How often should you call for safety inspections? Continue reading to learn proper industrial equipment inspection.

Equipment Inspection Should Follow the Labels

The equipment inspection frequency depends on several factors. Some pieces of equipment need more maintenance than others. Thus, follow the manuals.

Two factors measure the safety inspections:

  • Usage hours
  • Flat period

Usage hours refer to the frequency and duration your workers use specific equipment.

Check your equipment manual for the number of usage hours before an inspection. For example, some need inspections every after one thousand hours.

A flat period simplifies the maintenance schedule. The manuals will say the machine needs inspection once or twice a year. Familiarize your employees with these to prevent neglect.

Key Factors Affecting Inspection Frequency

The type of machine is an enormous factor affecting the frequency of inspections. Inspectors must look at the equipment to determine the frequency. They use health and safety guidelines as primary factors.

For example, a lifting machine needs inspections twice a year. Local exhaust ventilation needs at least one inspection every 14 months.

Consider administrative guidelines and policies. These are regulations to follow before using specific equipment.

Risks within the work environment also affect the frequency. The more dangerous the industry, the more frequent the inspections.

It also covers the following factors:

  • Number of worker shifts
  • Number of employees
  • Number of operational equipment

Previous incidents and records result in more inspections. If your employees met more accidents, your machines must have some problems.

OSHA Recommendations

Even the most expensive equipment fails because of poor maintenance. The government released safety inspection guidelines to decrease failure. They give out recommendations to help improve commercial health and safety programs.

OSHA recommends weekly inspections for construction businesses. As for non-construction industries, inspections are at least once a month. A quarterly site-wide review should also follow.

Companies using a self-inspection plan must cover the key factors. Create a checklist of all the equipment for inspection.

Record the findings of the inspections. Use these as baselines for the next scheduled inspection.

Find a company like Ice Cold Consulting. They offer reliable audits for preventive equipment maintenance. It’s especially when you have no idea how to start your equipment inspection project.

Cover Other Areas of Your Business Now

Regular equipment inspection ensures your machine’s safety. You can avoid major problems detrimental to your company’s productivity.

Safety inspections are only one way to boost your profitability. Discover more ways to grow your company. Invest in employee safety guidelines to raise everyone’s awareness.

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