Accounting Firm Marketing Tips for Landing New Clients

Do you run an accounting firm or are planning to embark upon a career as an accountant?

If so, you’ll soon find out that one of the biggest stresses of running an accounting firm is marketing.

Marketing for accountants is often a challenge in a profession that doesn’t require much creativity.

It’s also a competitive field and without the right marketing, you’ll struggle to get more clients. This short guide will show you how to get more accounting clients through marketing.

Here’s what you need to know about accounting firm marketing:

Hire a Marketing Firm

Your first step for accounting firm growth is to hire a marketing firm. They’ll create marketing campaigns for your accounting services.

These campaigns will help promote your accounting services to a wider audience. They’ll also analyze data to see what types of marketing campaigns work best with your audience.

They’ll always be by your side to help you scale your business and garner more clients.

Understand Your Market

The next step is to understand who your target market is. As an accountant, your services are needed by almost everyone.

But the mistake that many accountants make is that they’ll create generic marketing ads. These seldom work and aren’t great for attracting long-term clients.

You want to understand how you can target a specific demographic. For example, let’s suppose you wish to work with American expats. You want to share content related to the following:

  • Citizenship-based taxation
  • Foreign-Earned Income Exclusion
  • Travel
  • Setting up a company overseas
  • Opening Foreign Bank Accounts

These are some of the topics that are unique to American expats. These expats are on the lookout for accounting services that cater to these unique needs.

You have to understand what your prospective clients want. Make sure you know how to market your accounting services to them properly.

Digital Marketing

Even today, many accounting firms miss out on using the Internet to market their services.

You should create social media pages for your accounting services. The best platforms are Twitter and Instagram. These platforms are the best for describing your services to your prospects. You can also use these platforms to link to your phone number or email.

You can then use services such as LinkedIn to write long-form blog posts on what your accounting firm offers.

Make sure to use services such as to create landing pages for your various accounting services. These are great for promoting a specific product or service that you offer.

That’s How Accounting Firm Marketing Works

Now that you know how to succeed with accounting firm marketing you’ll succeed with promoting your services.

The first step is to hire a marketing firm. They’ll help create marketing campaigns for you and will also help with your data analytics.

The next step is to understand your target market. You should never create generic marketing campaigns. Always target a specific demographic and make sure you understand what they need.

You should utilize social media and landing pages to promote your accounting services.

You can find more tips on becoming an accountant on our blog!