June 19, 2024

Here is the Best Business Credit Card for Startups

A credit card is a financial instrument that allows people to pay without using cash and by drawing on a credit limit that is assigned to the card owner by the issuing authority. Now that we live in a dynamic era, we have been blessed with certain facilities that make our lives easier; similarly, credit card facility is one such easy blessing for all, especially for business owners. Each credit card is given a unique number along with specific details like validity date, CVV and cardholder’s name, and with the help of it, the cardholder can buy goods and services. The person using a card gets credit and has a particular amount of time to pay back the credit limit used. It is, however, one of the most common methods of electronic payment. Moreover, with business credit cards for startups, you get various advantages. 

What is a business credit card?

A business credit card is a popular credit card category that helps you manage business expenses efficiently. This card cannot be used for personal expenses or transactions. The fundamental difference between credit cards and business credit cards for startups, is that business cards have higher limits than personal credit cards. This is all because they consider business revenue, personal income, and your current credit score. If you are willing to get a higher credit limit, your business revenue must be higher than your personal income. 

A business credit card is issued specially for business purposes. In short, a business credit card, in most cases, is based on your company’s financial credentials. The concept of business credit cards for startups to support business expenses is different from regular or personal credit cards. They help in better management of business-related expenses and ensure quick and easy payments.

Best business credit cards for startups that we have come across

Enkash Business Credit Cards

  • Customizable usage limits
  • Minimal formalities
  • Travel expense management
  • Provides easier supplier payments
  • Fuss-free control over digital marketing expenses
  • There is less or no delay in utility bill payments
  • Easy GST payments
  • Go cashless

Such features come together and form a process that is easy to go along with and hassle-free. Make it exclusive to your needs, have a crisp experience. With each step you will gain clarity and assurance with the righteous transparency. Witness no delays or faults in bills and payments, follow the cashless trend right away. Organize your expenses from the very beginning and run a smooth startup that only grows from that point on.

Why do we need a business credit card for startup?

Business credit cards for startups are quite like standard credit card but is used mainly for business-related expenses rather than regular or personal expenses. The company issues this card to a selective group of employees to conduct important financial expenditures. Listed below are reasons why business credit cards for startups are important.

  • Business credit cards for startups allow businesses to manage, control and streamline all the company’s funds and expenditures.
  • It simplifies a company’s financial expenditures, and a business can track and formulate strategic plans to curb unnecessary spending with the help of business credit cards.
  • It helps the business set a card limit to prevent overspending.
  • You can also have a bird’s eye view of your business finances; this will further help you observe any financial leaks.
  • Additionally, a business credit card for anyone doing a startup will help them in efficiency and productivity exponentially.
  • It opens a multitude of excellent business growth and opportunities.

To benefit you, you must have stringent and reliable business credit cards for startups for the points mentioned above. Therefore, these cards are easy to use and function like normal credit cards and are more secure. It also allows the company to set limits on the withdrawal amount irrespective of the available amount. 

Giving the other corporate credit cards good competition is SMB Enkash Rupay business credit card. The SMB Enkash Rupay corporate credit card helps the business get smoother, helps you automate all your payments and monitor them. This credit card by Enkash will help you increase your savings and enable hassle-free business transactions.

Therefore, anyone looking for business credit cards for startups must consider Enkash as they have all the required benefits and opportunities as other business credit cards. Get high credit for your enterprise with their specially designed cards for business startups. Enjoy quick processing with KYC & collateral-free access.

Choose what is for best for your startup 

Enkash is an excellent platform for a growing generation of business enthusiasts, highly trusted for frictionless payments. It helps businesses digitalize and commercialize their business on large platforms with its top-notch facilities. One such facility is virtual credit cards that enable users to avail of certain privileges with all ease, comfort and offers. 

Enkash allows businesses to have much-desired convenience, control, and savings. Also, because of these privileges that EnKash allows its customers, many great companies and businesses have shifted towards them. 

With the assurance of trust and promise to provide great opportunities, businesses have laid their trust in them, so EnKash stands up to their promise. Connect now!

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