Planting Cherry Trees

Cherry trees are just like other fruit trees. Cherry trees belong to the Prunus genus of the Rosaceae family. They produce edible fruits. The commercial production of cherry includes sour cherries which are scientifically known as Prunus cerasus which are either sold as canned or frozen packages. These canned cherries are used further in making pastries and sauces. Another variety of cherries is the sweet one. These are consumed as raw fruit. The native atmosphere of cherry is found to be in the Northern hemisphere. However, the greatest production of cherry is found to be in the east Asian region.

Cherry trees which bear sweet cherries are mainly grown for fruit. These trees are identified as large, upright and reach a height of almost 11 meters above the ground. The fruit bearded by this tree is globular, small about 2 cm in diameter and its colour varies from yellow to red and sometimes black. On the other hand, the cherry trees that bear sour cherries are identified as small and are of lesser height (16 feet above ground). The fruit is found to be oblate and round and its colour is commonly dark red. It is found in Asia that planting cherry trees are considered an ornamental feature. The beauty of cherry blossoms makes them an ornamental feature in any garden.

Planting cherry trees need particular conditions. The most essential requirement is fertile and well-drained soil as they are susceptible to root rots. A soil pH ranging from 6 to 7 serves the best requirement for planting a cherry tree. They require daily 8 hours of sunlight, so cherry trees cannot be grown in shade. Sour cherry trees are self-pollinated trees whereas sweet cherry trees are cross-pollinated trees. One needs to be taken care of while planting cherry trees, it needs to be planted in a ground of a bit higher elevation. The reason behind this is frost gets accumulated on lower grounds faster. Pruning cherry trees properly is another important requirement. The best time for planting a cherry tree is early or late spring especially when the soil moisture content is more. These trees are low maintenance and are quite easy to grow.

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