At EPIC EMS We Don’t Run the Trips We Just Make Them Paperless and Efficient

EMS stands for Emergency Medical Services. EMS software manages all EMS patient related ePCRs and related billing administrative tasks online. It helps us to use the available resources within your organization to their best potential, hence enhancing your workflow, time, and money. Most EMS software solutions solve a single subset need such as revenue cycle management, patient records, dispatch, supply management, ePCR, etc.

There is one EMS software and billing company that offers their EMS Ambulance provider clients with a full suite of services and software from A to Z. , Epic EMS provides complete EMS billing and software solutions. Right from the moment an EMS provider receives a notification to schedule a trip Epic EMS is activated in the background. Why do you need to implement EPICS EMS as your EMS billing and software solutions partner?

  1. Automate EMS related tasks: A good EMS billing company like Epic EMS will ensure that you put in less effort and generate more output by automating EMS related manual and toilsome tasks (patient records, insurance claims, dispatch details, revenue cycle, etc.) 
  2. Keep the information crisp and precise: Epic EMS’ EMS billing solutions will provide you with reasonable alerts to keep your patient’s record updated from time to time.
  3. Patient records on the go: A medical billing solution like Epic EMS will keep your patient’s medical records handy at all times to be one step ahead in their time of need.
  4. Claim insurance more easily: Epic EMS let you focus on treating your patient right, while it feeds you the necessary information as and when you need it, keeping the grunt work of insurance claims to itself.
  5. Give the attention that your patient deserves: By automating time-consuming labor work in EMS, you free your hands to give your patients the appropriate attention and medical care he/she needs.
  6. Store and secure: Your human mind can store data but exhaust you mentally. Epic EMS takes that burned off of you by storing this data online on secure servers so that you can quickly fetch the information you need. 

What does Epic EMS have to offer?

Epic EMS is providing complete EMS billing solutions including revenue cycle management, ambulance medical billing, and ePCR, and other EMS billing solutions.

  1. Revenue Cycle Management: Epic EMS is both business and patient-considerate. We regulate the best practices in order to save your essential resources like time and money by fully using the available resources to their best potential. Our EMS billing company focuses solely on the intention of keeping your patients healthy at mutual cost-saving measures. Epic EMS follow up with insurance companies,  handle denied claims, analyze and update reports, and much more. Read more about our Revenue Cycle Management here.
  2. EMS in a box: Epic EMS offers “EMS in a box†meaning accessing your patient’s information anytime, anywhere, and on any device (phone, tablet, laptop, etc.). All necessary data is digitally sorted and stored for you to fetch any piece of information anytime.
  3. EPCR: EPCR software by Epic EMS allows you to track any paramedic related calls and service requests in real-time. Nonetheless, the records like call time, date, etc. is stored on the portal for you to access in time of need. It also represents your patient history of such requests for you to be ready with the necessary equipment during the journey. It can be accessed anywhere as it is apt for all devices. EPCR is a highly used feature of Epic EMS and has received positive outcomes and saved many lives.
  4. Dispatch: Epic EMS provides the best dispatch solutions. The software is designed in a way that it supports any transport that you provide BLS, ALS, MICU, etc. The dispatch can be pre-scheduled or booked on an stat basis. The platform is optimized to send alerts on the go. 

If you are in need of a reliable EMS solutions provider, choose the one which fulfills ALL of your business goals. Epic EMS is made for any business that might need EMS solutions. Get in touch for quotes, enquires, or feedbacks here.

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