July 19, 2024

Best Practices for Testing Salesforce Automation

Salesforce. One of the leading CRM/ Customer Relationship Management software out in the market. Salesforce has become a buzzword in the world of marketing.

While the Salesforce development company has put endless effort into making salesforce testing as authentic as it can, there are some practices that we can follow to make the result even more desirable.

Salesforce Testing

Salesforce testing is done in a sandbox environment before moving the test to the production environment. The reason for doing it is to develop different types of scenarios and see how salesforce reacts and records the data.

This lets the developer understand how the code will react. The Salesforce custom application development team can get the most out of it as they are working with custom codes.

Custom codes are often unpredictable. Hence it is better to test them in a simulated environment before publishing them.

Best Practices for Salesforce testing

Develop an effective test strategy and plan ahead for the test

As we are testing Salesforce for Salesforce custom application development, we must prepare an effective strategy for testing and plan our way. For this, you will need to clearly define your priority, your stakeholders, your goal. Also, you should document all necessary information during the testing.

By doing so, you can easily identify your barriers, bottlenecks and come up with a plan for overcoming them.

Implement an integrated test environment

We should test our salesforce code in an integrated test environment. Because almost everything on the internet can integrate. Hence our code should run in salesforce in an integrated environment.

Plus, testing in an integrated environment can help you understand how it will perform and deal with the real-life integrated problems in the production area.

Testing in an integrated environment is indeed very expensive. But fixing the issue when it is detected after publishing is much more expensive.

Include QA team

It is best to keep the QA team involved throughout the test phase/ project. By witnessing everything firsthand, they can easily predict what kind of issues they may face and anticipate the solutions to them.

This will help us increase the tests coverage and more problems will be solved before publishing it. Also, we can share their brainpower to come up with better solutions at a faster pace

Fix problems when detected

This should be a practice for any kind of testing/making for everyone.

However, we meant that you should fix your problems in the code whenever an error is detected. Be it in the early phase. That means we should start our testing at the very beginning of the development lifecycle.

This may be a little costly and time-consuming, but the early detection of problems and solving them will ease up the workload at the final testing phase.


So, these were our recommendations for the best practice for testing salesforce automation. Do you have any suggestions of your own that we should add to the list? If so, then comment below. And if you need any help with Salesforce custom application development, then give us a call.

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