July 14, 2024

Most Common Mistakes Made on Tech Resumes

When you are applying for a job in tech, you need to make sure that your resume reads in a way that is highly appealing to your future employer. However, the skills of writing a great resume and being an excellent tech professional do not necessarily go hand in hand. The following blog post is all about some of the core mistakes that are currently made on technology CVs. This way, you should be able to avoid making them for yourself, which is obviously highly important if you are hoping to land a job in tech that you have set your heart on. 

Not Condensing It Down to the Core Points 

Even if you have a lot to say, you still need to make sure that the resume is listed in such a way that is highly readable to a potential employer. A good rule of thumb should be to try and condense it down to a single page – two at the most. You need to bear in mind that when a resume is being scanned, it is often done so in a period of seconds rather than minutes. A hiring manager only has a limited amount of time to assess each candidate, so you need to make sure that you do not put them off with a multi-page resume that goes into too much detail. 

Failing to Highlight Your Key Achievements 

Going back to the idea that many resumes are simply scanned rather than read in a high level of detail, you need to make sure that your key achievements are highlighted. This means having some clear bullet points to show some of your core qualifications, such as Google Cloud certification, as well as the tangible benefits that you have brought to different organizations. Again, you should aim to be quite selective here rather than listing every single thing off the top of your head. If you do not think that it is interesting enough, it is time to lose it from your resume. 

Using Too Much Technical Jargon 

This is a rule that depends very much on the organization that you are choosing to work for. If you are going for one which is already highly technically minded, it may well be the case that jargon is acceptable, but you still want to write the resume in a way that is readable and not too clunky. However, if you are applying for a job at a small business that does not have a technical department at the moment, you do not necessarily want to assume any prior knowledge. With this in mind, you should certainly avoid stuffing your resume with too much jargon that is simply going to be overlooked, ignored, or possibly even not understood at all. 

If you can avoid these three core mistakes when you are writing your tech resume, it is much more likely that you will create a document that is going to get you noticed.

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