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There are over 600 million cats domesticated worldwide. Even though having a cat as a pet is a huge responsibility, there are lots of benefits to having a furry friend. Cats are wonderful pets to have—they are clean, loyal, lovely companions, and help keep your home pest-free. 

According to Petpedia’s infographic about cats, cats have been domesticated for about 12,000 years, and these wonderful animals have been trained and kept as pets by billions of people ever since. Despite being around for so long, cats never stop being amazing and wonderful things about them are still being discovered. 

Here are a few cat facts about felines you may not have known.

  1. There are about 92.2 million domesticated cats in the US. 

America is a cat-loving nation. They are the most popular pets in the country, with 92.2 million cats being kept as pets across the US. That amounts to about 25% of all American homes having a furry friend around, with an average of two cats per household. 

  1. A cat was launched into space in 1963. 

Animals were often sent to space for scientific research in the mid 20th century. On October 18th, 1963, Felicette became the first and only feline to make the round trip to space and back. The trip was a huge success for science. A bronze statue was built at the International Space University in Strasbourg to honor Felicette.  

  1. The Siamese was one of the first cat breeds. 

The Siamese is one of the oldest discovered breeds and one of the most distinct and recognizable kinds of Asian cats. They were originally called Siam, and they got their name when they were brought to Thailand. They quickly became one of the most popular breeds in Europe and North America. 

  1. The average domestic cat’s lifespan is 15 years.

A lot of factors determine the lifespan of a cat, such as an environment, diet, and maintenance. Of course, the breed also determines how long they live, but research has shown that the average house cat lives 15 years. Some cats do live that long, but according to records, the longest house cat’s lifespan was 30 years. 

Cats and humans have been friends for what seems like forever. Despite how long they’ve been around, they are still as amazing as ever. From the unique characteristics that make each breed special to their loving personalities and ability to understand humans much more than most other animals, cats are the perfect pets to keep around. 

Check out the infographic for more amazing cat facts.

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