10 Things That Make You A Responsible Trekker!

As a trekker you all have some role to play as a part of your duty towards the world. You often forget these things while trekking. Be a dutiful trekker and you will have the best time of your life. Let’s find what they are: 

â— Preparation As a responsible trekker you should put importance into being aware of the physical features and climatic conditions of the trek. You should also focus on your physical strength and capacity. You need to plan out the trek by carrying most of the essential and inaccessible things required for the trek. In this way, you can primarily help and support other trekkers. Being able to organize, plan and manage trekking groups with confidence can make you a good leader. 

â— Community Relations As a trekker it is a significant quality that you should be concerned about the environment of the trekking community. It is a major duty in the world. Always be careful about the waste you produce. Cleanliness is your main responsibility. 

â— Love and Care As a responsible trekker you should listen to other trekker mates and try to solve their problems. Your task is to motivate and inspire them. An encouraging and sociable trekker mate can change the whole atmosphere of a tent with good etiquette. You should instil among other trekker mates the feeling of responsibility and duty through performing good actions. 

â— As a dutiful trekker, it is your responsibility that you understand the sentiments of your trekker leader and show respect and regard for what one may say. You should encourage your trekker mates to follow the instructions of the trekker leader regarding discipline and fitness. Pay homage to the decision of the trek leader. The trek leader then caters to your safety and comfort. The trek leaders will also feel motivated to perform his duty if you follow their instructions. 

â— Trek goals The aim of trekking is not just for the sake of trekking but a practice. You as a responsible trekker should follow the discipline and physical fitness rules and contribute actively into these fitness tips which you learnt from the trek leader or trek mates. 

â— Respect Wildlife As a responsible trekker you should try putting limitations on making sounds and reduce the amount of light after it’s dark in order to avoid disturbance of wildlife creatures. 

â— Environmental Policies You should as a responsible trekker have regards for environmental rules and regulations. Try to abide by these laws, follow your trek guides directions. Suppose you are crossing an endangered species your guide might make you careful of it. You should listen to him. In addition, you should also follow environmental sustainability norms like not to pluck flowers or not to tread on fragile vegetation. You should keep yourself at a safe distance from the water source to prevent water from streams, rivers and lakes from being defiled. 

â— Respect Cultural Hegemony Respond with respect and manners. If you notice people belonging to a different ethnic group and reacting in a different way by following customs and traditions. You should not feel yourself to be taken aback. The locals follow these traditions because of their different concepts of time, space and conversation patterns which are out of the ordinary. Instead of getting baffled, take a step further by thinking that you are a tourist travelling to this new landscape so that you can create some moments which you would cherish. 

â— Religious Sentiments Treating the religious tourist sites especially the monuments and architecture with admiration we often forget that what seems out of the usual to us is a part of some people’s regular spiritual life. In such cases, we should treat such places and people with regard. We should try to abstain from hurting the sentiments of such people. This is an attribute which you can follow as a responsible trekker. 

â— Social Relations An act of noble deed is really never forgotten. Remember as a dutiful trekker if you show some acts of humanity for the poor people in the rural areas can create some moments of intimacy with people. Sometimes also being a good shopper and buying some good artefacts can help you to give some recognition to the local communities. However, you should avoid embarrassing situations and not bargain excessively. You should as a responsible trekker bear these attributes in your mind if you want to go for a trekking journey to keep the energy and spirit of trekking alive. So are you ready for your next trek? 

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