5 Ways To Gain Health With Natural Healing

Health is simple. Health is our natural state of being. However, we struggle to achieve health due to the challenges posed by our current lifestyle.

Living in sync with nature, adopting a nature-based lifestyle is the way to attain maximum health, and why so? Because nature has designed certain laws for humans and all other creatures, to live by. 

If we eat and live as per nature’s design our bodies gain health and we can enjoy a disease-free life. This knowledge of natural living and healing is called Natural Healing. 

We Have Self-Healing Power

The science of Natural Healing teaches us how to awaken the self-healing powers of the human body with the help of natural elements and foods. Lifestyle diseases, chronic illnesses, and seasonal infections are signs of acid-alkaline imbalance, increased toxins, and lack of repair in the body. These causes can be removed using natural foods, nature’s elements, and optimum physical activity.

Benefits of Natural Healing

  • IMMUNITY: It equips our body to fight with infections and diseases, thus eliminating the need for medicines
  • NATURE IS COMPLETE: Nature provides us with all ingredients and ways to main optimal health, we just need to facilitate the process
  • ECONOMICAL: Natural healing is a cost-effective and sustainable way to health & wellness
  • SAFE: This approach is safe as there are no side effects

Why Is It Important Today

Natural healing has gained immense relevance across the world during the COVID 19 crisis because it provides natural ways to boost immunity against infections and keeping a healthy body. 

5 Ways To Gain Health & Defeat Diseases

  1. Eat Natural Foods – Earth, the fifth element of nature provides us with ‘Food’. Increase the intake of:
    • Fruits – Eat 1 kind of fruit in breakfast. Morning is the best time to have fruits as per the circadian rhythm. Don’t mix fruits with any other food group. 
    • Vegetables – Include raw vegetable salad in lunch and dinner. If possible, eat a lunch of only raw salad.
    • Nuts & Seeds – These are the sources of natural fat. Avoid refined oils.
  2. Consume Natural Elements – We are made up of the five elements of nature, utilize them to gain the best of health:
    • Air – Do regular breathing exercises and pranayama
    • Sun – Sit in the Sun early morning or evening for Sunbathing
    • Ether/ Space – Once a week give rest to your digestive system by doing half-day/ full-day Fasting.
  3. Watch Your Cookware – Coated, non-stick and aluminum cookwares leave toxic materials into food. Avoid cooking in those & opt for cast-iron, earthen, or stainless steel cookware.
  4. Sustainable Living – If you take care of Nature, it will take care of you very well. Opt for products and lifestyle that does not harm nature:
    • Eat organic – understand where the food in your kitchen comes from, go for naturally grown products. Try to grow some greens of your own – food grown with love nourishes both the body and the soul.
    • Live organic – Avoid chemical-based beauty or home cleaning products. Learn to make your own products by easy natural methods or buy natural products that have no harmful chemicals.
  5. Rest & Recuperate – Adequate and timely sleep helps our body revive, rejuvenates our mind, and keeps us happy. Develop a sleep routine and indulge in relaxation activities such as:
    • Read a positive book or listen to some music
    • Take a hot bath before bed
    • Avoid large meals, caffeinated & alcoholic beverages at night

If you are aware of your body’s intelligence, self-healing capacities, and harness it well, you will be able to lead a healthy life.