HR Analytics Dominates Online Training Demands

In this article, we will discuss the key elements of HR analytics and how the Analytics Training Institute is benefiting HR hiring and jobs.

Did you know that you can become a top-ranking HR Reporting Specialist by completing a Master’s in Data-driven HR Analytics course? Yes, that’s right. HR Analytics, also referred to as Workforce Analytics and People Analytics, has climbed up the rungs of popularity when it comes to analytics training courses in India, with nearly 15% of the total jobs in the industry focusing on this important domain. 

Why Pursue HR Analytics Training in 2020?

Human Resources Management is one of the most important strategic approaches followed in every company. Irrespective of the age, size, and portfolio of the company, HR management is seen as a must-know principle of running a successful people-centric, people-driven company — a part of human science that gives competitive advantage and brand recognition to the whole system. From an academic point of view, HR Management has always been a very popular MBA subject as over 1 lac HR managers pass out from top-ranking B-schools in India every year.

 I can sum up quickly the 5 reasons why pursuing an HR Analytics training course in 2020 would benefit you in a big way:

1 – Better entry-level jobs and promotions every year

2 – Opportunity to work with leading HR and Staffing firms in India and the world

3 – Closely work with both HR and Business Intelligence teams, allowing you to get maximum exposure in the diverse business operations 

4 – Learn the new techniques and concepts in HR Analytics based management such as Automated Application Tracking systems, Social Media Talent Acquisition, Email Management for HR, HR Analytics for performance management, Internal communications, and logistics management, and so on.

5 – Opportunity to develop yourself as an HR manager with Big Data, AI, and ML Development skills for specific HR operations and concepts.

Other benefits of learning HR metadata analytics from a reputed analytics training institute in India include a quick grasp on data governance and privacy laws for business operations. 

Did you know that there are over 50 HR and Industrial Relations Laws that you can keep on your fingertips using HR Analytics and Mobile applications built specifically for HR Managers? 

Don’t you think the brain behind developing these tools must have received a formal training in HR, or acquired years of experience and skills by actually doing the job as an HR Manager? If you say “Yesâ€, your guess is right. 

These HR analytics training apps and kits are integrated with more popular ERPs and HRIS / HRMS, opening a new avenue for HR analytics startups that are suddenly hiring twice the number of developers, HR analysts, and managers to lead big data teams / analytics teams.

HR Analytics with AI ML Expertise Score Big Points

Most professionals find it hard to diversify their HR careers. It could be stuck in a rut of recruitments, hiring, and staffing, training, and development, or compliance. Since the HR department has many facets to it, getting into HR analytics with a reputed certification from a top AI ML online institute can help you align career matching with other Big Data and AI ML trends. 

These trends are aligned with these specializations:

1 – Big Data Security

2 – IT and Cloud management 

3 – Cloud Computing 

4 – Internet of Things / BYOD Architecture 

5 – Advanced Analytics / Embedded Analytics

6 – Enterprise Cloud Communications Centers / unified Cloud Contact Centers for Employees and Partners 

7 – Mobile Application Development for HR Teams

According to a general survey, employees revealed that HR analytics training is very important for everyone in the company, cutting across the hierarchies. 


Like Marketing and Sales Analytics, HR analytics can illuminate your professional career helping you get closer to the new dimensions of Business Analytics and data driven intelligence. A high aspiration candidate who loves to spot challenges goes after HR analytics training.  

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, the number of HR Managers with an analytics background is only going to grow, not fall. In such a stiff market condition, where jobs are drying up and doors closing for MBA in HR postgraduates, a seemingly healthy trend has developed in the last 2 years. It’s revolving around the rampant adoption of HR Analytics tools and solutions for HR Management across all organizations — enterprises, small and medium businesses, startups, NGOs, public sector, healthcare, and even education and research.

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