These Instagram Marketing Tips will give Wings to your Brand

With 1 billion monthly active users, Instagram is the second most engaged social media network after Facebook. Since the launch of Facebook in 2004, we have seen rapid growth in social media platforms.

Instagram was launched in October 2010, and has seen a boom since its launch. Therefore, Instagram marketing is the best marketing technique to spread awareness about your brand.

Instagram is a social media platform with a majority of users in the 18 to 35 age group. 400 million + stories and 95 million + pictures are being shared on Instagram every day, so it opens a door to opportunity for the market to spread awareness about its brand.

Instagram Marketing

You can share your message in the form of a photo or video, and people remember the engaging visual content.

People 80% remember what they see, 20% what they read and only 10% what they hear. Therefore, marketers have a great platform to give their best to attract customers.

Even though Instagram has a large number of active users, it does not guarantee the success of the brand as business from your niche is already doing well on Instagram growth with excellent engagement rates and huge fan following.

According to a survey, 54% of brands are running a paid campaign on Instagram. If you don’t want to be left behind and lose your audience to your competitor, follow the tips below to improve your Instagram marketing strategy and kickstart the growth of your business.

1. Posting regularly on Instagram:

Well, this is the most obvious trick. But there is a reason why everyone suggests you post regularly. If you want to keep your audience engaged with your posts, you have to post regularly otherwise as I said earlier, around 400 million pictures are being shared daily, so one of your posts per week is going to be your May be spent with the audience.

Yes, if your audience does not get your post, then forget about gaining new followers, your current followers may also leave you. So post creative photo / video regularly. I suggest posting at least 1 picture / video per day.

2. Use the hashtag:

The hashtag works well on Instagram. On Instagram, users follow the hashtag according to their interest. As a brand, you can create your own hashtag, which you use on every post that gives your brand authenticity, but access through your own hashtag may not be enough.

So you can use some trending hashtags according to your niche and the type of content you are posting through your pictures / videos.

You can also use some common hashtags that are trending on Instagram and have a huge number of Instagram followers and Instagram likes. Some common and trending hashtags on Instagram are:


3. Increase followers:

This is obvious. Every brand wants more followers on its business account which helps you deliver your message directly to your audience.

If you do not have a blue tick, a large number of followers on your Instagram help provide authenticity to your brand (which is given to the verified account).

You cannot trust organic followers without any effort on growing Instagram followers because zero effort = zero followers and zero engagement.

Yes you can use hashtags to reach more viewers. They can also see your posts, but they may or may not give you a follow up.

Here’s what you can do to increase followers:

Follow accounts to get follow back, but it’s a busy process, isn’t it?

You can run a paid advertisement on Instagram to reach your target audience based on your interest and demographic.

4. Follow the trends:

If you want to connect with your audience emotionally, you can follow the latest trends and post accordingly. If you make a unique and attractive post, following the latest trends can also make you viral.

If something is trending, chances are you can target the audience globally. Do not miss this opportunity to grab more viewers.

5. Post something shareable:

Don’t want to get a new audience to join your post? Don’t you believe the word mouth marketing? If you care about both, then post something that won’t stop your audience from sharing their story with their friends on the DM or on the show.

Amazing quality posts will work well for your Instagram marketing. Think about it before posting your next.

These were some useful points that make your day included in an Instagram marketing strategy. If you think there are more tips that can be part of an Instagram marketing strategy that works for you, then write those suggestions below in the comments section.