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If you are willing to buy a cat but thinking which breed to try, then why don’t you try buying Siamese kittens for sale in Chennai? This is one of those breeds that are mostly preferred by the lovers, as they are one of the most talkative ones. These long and nice cats have a long neck, long tail, and legs. With medium sized body and having nice muscles, the Siamese Cats tend to become a great pet for owners who are looking for a cute partner.

When you are thinking to adopt kittens of this breed, you certainly should know everything in details. So let us dig in to know more about the cats.


Key Features of the Siamese Cats:

These breeds have the life expectancy of 15-20 years with a weight of 6-12 pounds for female and 9-15 pounds for male. This breed is world’s most recognized feline. Obviously you have watched “The Classic Lady and The Tramp†and have appreciated the unforgettable, with their dark extremities and light coats these cats becomes unmistakable.

 These are the unique cats known to have angular and long coat coloration. Most their main coat has light colors while their facial areas are dark colored. This is called the “seal point.†Other than these, you will also find colors like blue, lilac, and chocolate seal points.

Its body features include wedge-shaped long head, large neck, tail and legs and blue eyes that are shaped as almond with large ears. You can now book them from Mummy Cat offering cats for sale in Mumbai, Chennai and Kolkata and stay assured that you are getting a healthy member for your family.

Siamese Cats Price in India

if you are looking to adopt or buy Siamese Cats in Mumbai and Chennai and other cities of India then you can easily find know breeders of Siamese cats.

Siamese cats price varies from Rs 15,000 to Rs 35,000 in India mainly depend upon cities and breeders.

Siamese Cat Price in India City Wise:

Price of Siamese cats varies from one state to another due to available breeders.

Here is the list of price range of Siamese Cat in India city wise:

City Price in Indian Rupees
ChennaiRs 15,000 to 35,000
KeralaRs 15,000 to 35,000
KolkataRs 15,000 to 35,000
BangaloreRs 20,000 to 35,000
DelhiRs 15,000 to 35,000
MumbaiRs 20,000 to 35,000


Siamese cats are prone to bacterial and viral infections. That’s why they need to be vaccinated by calicivirus, Rhinotracheitis and Panleukopenia and rabies vaccine.


Siamese cats love to be fed on dry foods like Purina Kitten Chow Nurture, Purnia ONE healthy kitten and Purina Pro plan focus kitten chicken and rice formula.

Emergence of Siamese Cats:

Origination of Siamese Cat is still a mystery, but in a manuscript that dates between 1350 -1700 has found in the ancient Siam who are known as Cat Book Poems that describes dark facial mask with dark tail, ears and feet and overall pale features. Later on the Siam got to be known as Siamese said as the sacred species.

Soon Siamese cats were exposed and very soon they became popular among many nations.

In the year 1871, Siamese breed was initially seen in a cat show which after a few years in 1879, it was gifted to President Hayes’s wife in the U.S.

Friendliness of Siamese cats:

Siamese is the breed that craves affection and attention from the humans. They are very inquisitive and have the excellence to understand. Due to their body movements and voice, they are termed as the talkative breed.

They are very good with socializing as they gel up very easily with other pets and children. With strangers, they can be a doubtful and demanding. Some of the cat lovers say that this breed performs some kind of approval procedure prior to getting the visitors in the house. Since they are highly active, they would need lots and lots of toys to keep them occupied. You can purchase them from kittens for sale in Chennai and prepare to have someone always craving for you at your house.

As they love people, they would never enjoy being left along. So if you are someone who works at a stretch, make sure you buy 2 of this particular breed so that they keep themselves occupied.

Are they right as a pet?

  • Need for exercising: There are medium chances of needing for exercise among these cats. These are generally muscular and very active. Even when there are no specific exercise need, but you can keep them active with lots of toys.
  • Need for grooming: This is a short breed having silky coat which require very less maintenance. You can choose to brush their coats on weekly basis and clean their teeth and clear regularly.
  • Chances of Health Problems: They are considered as a healthy breed with no such particular genetic disorder but some Siamese cats might have some issues. This includes bladder stones, heart issues, kinked tail, respiratory issues, eye problems, cancer and crossed eyes.

Irrespective of the breed, make sure you feed them on quality diet to stay away from unwanted health trouble. So get them from cats for sale in Mumbai and enjoy being occupied all day long. Their extreme cute features make them one of the most lovable members in the entire family.

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