How to take care of Persian Cats?

If you are someone who has paid attention to the Persian cat, you know how hard it is to take your eyes off them. They are simply known as the epitome of elegance as they are irresistible. It has soft fur, long, and a laid-back character that makes it a great choice to adjust to any type of environment. 

However, since beauty comes with expenses and a lot of maintenance, you need to have some knowledge about the best way to maintain them. Every owner who is willing to bring a Persian cat home for the first time needs to gather some knowledge about this feline. 

So if you have a plan of bringing one at home and you have a range of questions, it is pretty obvious. To help you acquire detailed knowledge about the need and tips, we will move ahead to find out about the Persian cat breed. 

The popularity of Persian Cat:

There is no doubt about the fact that Persian cats are one of the most popular breeds in the world. They are not available at an affordable price because of the huge demand. They are also the first cat breed that was shown in the cat show. The amazing appearance that they hold is one of the prime reasons that brings most attention to it. 

Persian cats are the long hair breeds that are the pure breeds in their line. You can stay assured that this breed will be able to adjust easily to your lifestyle. They have a very gentle and meek personality that brings attention to it. 

Persian Cat Care: 

Persian cats can be said to be both cursed and blessed at the same time. They have a unique look with a snub nose and flat face. Their double coat is primarily one of the biggest reasons that grab attention towards it. However, due to their thick fur quality, it becomes pretty challenging for the new owners to groom at home. You can always take help from professional groomers if you want to enjoy a great pet and maintain the best health condition. 

Maintain their coats: Persian cats are known for their appearance. Their appearance is known due to the thick and long silky coats that they have. One needs to brush their coats on a daily basis to make sure of not getting tangled. Make sure you are using a wide-toothed brush for it. Some of the most problematic areas are under their chin, behind their ears, underneath their arms, and their stomach areas. You have to take the challenge and comb daily to reduce the chances of getting tangled hair. 

Eye cleaning: They have very sweet and weepy eyes, which undoubtedly make them gain a very irresistible look. But on the other side, this is one of the most common reasons why they are prone to getting eye problems. Thus, you being a responsible owner, have to keep an eye on it and make sure that you are wiping it twice every day. This would prevent any unnecessary buildup and ensure the best eye condition. 

Ear cleaning: They have very tiny ears, which means they are prone to an ear infection. Since it is hard to reach their ears, chances are higher that they remain unnoticed. So, while you clean them every day, you need to make sure that you are cleaning their ears properly. This will make sure that the ears are in proper condition and do not need cleaning. 

Nail Trimming: You need to make sure that nail trimming is a mandatory part of grooming. Since they have the tendency of remaining on the couch and on your lap, if you don’t trim, the chances are that your clothes are going to get worse. So trimming is essential to ensure the safety of your clothes and furniture. 

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