Tips How To Advertise A Landscaping Business

Today’s world is digital – which means that you’ve probably considered promoting your landscape business online, but wondering how to get started?

Two of the biggest online advertising players that come to my mind are of course google ads and facebook ads. Each of these platforms has its own strengths. However, in this post, we focus on Facebook ads for a number of reasons: due to the very detailed targeting. The ability to increase awareness of your brand, the ad is better suited to b2b companies and focuses on visuals.

Niche social and review sites:

Before we look at Facebook ads, let’s talk briefly about social niche networks and rating networks like Houzz, Angie’s list, and yelp. These three networks have been used by many landscapes as a standard platform for sharing examples of their work. These platforms also offer the opportunity to advertise to business owners.

The most important advice I give landscape owners when investing money in advertising these networks is to use campaign links that allow your organization to track the financial return of this and any advertisements you send.

Do not just link to your homepage with a normal link. Link to a specific landing page for each network with a clear call to action for visitors. Install analytics on your website so that you can track a lead by any means to a call to your sales representative, as well as discover the source for each contact.

Select the demographics and targeting of your ad:

Facebook demographic information lets you target your ads so that they serve only to a specific audience. For example, you can choose to have your ads delivered to homeowners over 40.

As a landscape business,one of the most important ways to target your ads is to limit them to target groups with specific postcodes. This procedure is called geofencing. These postal codes are the same as your business service area and ensure that your ads are shown by the people you most want to serve.

Focus on the message of your ad:

As a landscaping company, you’re likely to offer your customers a variety of services, including options such as lawn care, garden cleaning, and landscaping. With this in-depth know-how. You’ll certainly want to create ads that show your customers everything they can do for them, right?

Align the ad content and graphics with the service you offer:

Let’s say you’re offering a weekly lawn care package in the summer that you want to promote through online ads. You will make a copy describing the benefits of the package to the customer: you can help them spend a stress-free summer with a bite on their to-do list, and they can even go on vacation without worrying to make their lawns a mess while they are gone.

Sounds good! Would you pick a photo of a lawn full of leaves and other deposits if you wanted to choose the visual appearance of the ad?

Select the correct landing page you want to direct traffic to:

Successful online advertising is not just about creating the perfect ad. You also need to think about what experiences potential customers make when they get to your website.

One thing I can not overemphasize. You need to direct traffic to a landing page that’s tailored to the services advertised on your ad. You can not send traffic to the homepage of your website. We’ve found that ads that do show significantly lower conversion rates than ads that point directly to a specific landing page because you effectively ask potential customers to determine the details of your service on your site. This error causes friction in the sales process.

Measure your results:

When developing your advertising campaigns. It’s important that you consider the following: your ultimate goal is not to increase traffic to your site. It’s about getting more customers and revenue for your business. That’s why your campaign needs to include ways to measure your results. Even if you receive many clicks on your ads and none of these visitors actually become customers.


You have created your ad, started running and get some traffic and even new potential customers. That’s great! But you are not done yet. It is a mistake to create an ad and simply run it forever, even if it is generating an ROI for you. This is because small adjustments to the ad could generate better results for you, but you won’t know until you try them.