How to Check your Car Tyre to Determine its Safety Condition

The car tyres are not just round and black rubber wheels. They are the only parts of the car touching the road. Their contact surface with the road is as small as a postcard and within this, they need to grip the road translating the power generated by the engine to the road. 

Tires that extremely critical to the performance of the car and maintaining safety while driving. Old, worn-out tires won’t be able to grip the road effectively and will lead to longer braking distances. Good tires will help to maintain speed and performance even while cornering. 

Hence, even if you are buying good summer tires that have excellent road grip, better cornering, and handling; as drivers you need to keep an eye on the condition of the tire to see if they are still good tires that will ensure your safety.

Based on the car tyre tread wear pattern you could ascertain the level of wear on the tires.

  • Overinflated tire – If you see that the tire is more own out in the center as compared to the sides, then this indicates that the tyres have been over-inflated. 
  • Under-inflated tire -  If you see that the edges of the tire are more worn out than the center, it shows that the tire is under-inflated. Under such conditions, the tire will not effectively grip the road compromising safety. Under-inflated tires also lead to sidewall damage.
  • Misaligned tires – If the car tires are worn out on one edge even when inflated to the right pressures, then the issue will be with the alignment of the tyres. Mis aligned tires not only reduce the quality of driving experience, but they also reduce braking effectiveness.

Make sure you are aware of these signs and have your tires serviced accordingly to maintain them as good tires.

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