The Benefits of Using a Password Manager

Are you concerned that your passwords aren’t secure enough for yourself and your organization? When stolen and reused passwords cause 80% of hacking incidents, you have a reason to have concerns. You can’t afford to use weak passwords when cybercrime is so high today.

If you’re asking yourself, “why use a password manager?” this post will help. Keep reading to learn all the benefits you’ll see when you use the best password manager.

Generate Secure Passwords

Creating a secure password is one of the most challenging parts of using online accounts. You can’t afford to have something memorable since those passwords are easy to guess. You need complexity to ensure everything stays secure.

A business password manager will generate your passwords for you. All you need to do is click a button to make it happen. The passwords a password manager generates are some of the most secure passwords you’ll use on the internet.

Only Remember One Password

Of all the benefits of using a password manager, not needing to remember countless passwords is one of the best benefits. You’ll have one password that gives you access to your password manager. Your program will automatically fill in the login fields for the accounts you have online.

That means you have much less to remember to manage your accounts. You can create as many accounts as you want and use complex passwords that you would not remember on your own.

Safely Share Accounts

Giving others access to passwords is a significant business security risk. You’re only as safe as the people with access to your online information. Unfortunately, people often make mistakes and compromise the accounts they can access.

With a shared account on a password manager, your employees and team won’t be able to see your passwords. You won’t need to worry about them accidentally exposing your accounts.

Make sure you look for more info about team accounts and what they can offer businesses.

Sign Into Accounts Faster

Have you ever spent a long time trying to sign into your account?

Many people have this issue. You have to find the login form, track down your login credentials, and correctly type everything into the form. Then you end up typing something wrong and go through the whole process again.

The login process is much more straightforward with a password manager. Instead of typing in everything yourself, your password manager will autofill the login form as soon as you land on a website.

In cases where your password manager doesn’t detect the login form, it’s still easy to sign in. You can click a login field and use a menu to fill in the login credentials.

Why Use a Password Manager? Now You Know

It can be challenging to trust an external application with your passwords. You want to stay safe, but you’re only as secure as your software. However, now that you can answer the question “why use a password manager?” you know more about what makes using a password manager worth it.

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