Engaging Morning Meeting Ideas to Motivate Employees

It’s early in the morning and no one is feeling motivated to work yet. They’re still on their first cups of coffee, they haven’t eaten breakfast, and you can tell that this meeting is the last thing that they want to participate in.

How can you improve their engagement and keep your employees motivated?

We’re here to offer a few morning meeting ideas that might be effective for employee engagement as long as you play your cards right. Read on to learn more.

Include Praise and Rewards

It’s always a good idea to start your meetings with positivity. Getting down to business right away might seem more efficient, but it won’t do anything when it comes to engaging employees.

If one of your team members is celebrating something, like a birthday, engagement, or achievement, ask them if you can announce it during the team meeting. Some people don’t want that kind of attention on them, but others will love the recognition.

Consider putting up office digital signage in the meeting room that shows employee successes. Did someone go above and beyond last week? Put them on the sign for everyone to see!

Morning Snacks and Breakfast Items

What’s more motivating than a snack? Everyone knows that employees will feel more excited to attend morning meetings if there’s something to eat available.

For a conventional morning snack, a box of donuts is often enough to make employees feel appreciated and refreshed. A quick morning sugar rush is a great way to start the day and employees can eat while you have your morning discussions.

It’s also a good idea to include coffee.

Make sure that you know your employees’ dietary restrictions if you choose to offer morning snacks or breakfast items. If you have employees with allergies, who are vegan, or who are diabetic, you want to make sure that they don’t feel left out.

Quick Games

There are plenty of quick games that you can play throughout your team meetings that will keep employees feeling sharp and engaged.

Consider doing quick challenges while the meeting is going on. For example, set a codeword or phrase (such as “sales goals” if you’re looking for sales meeting ideas).

When someone says the codeword or phrase, all employees have to touch the floor. The last person to touch the floor loses the game. This will keep employees more engaged in the conversation so they can hear the code word.

Morning Warm-Ups

Consider starting the meeting with some kind of physical activity. It doesn’t have to be as intense as a full-on exercise, but even moving around the room will wake employees up and get their blood flowing.

A great way to do this is by organizing a quick pre-meeting scavenger hunt. Place several small and unique objects (like figurines) around the office and give employees five minutes pre-meeting to find them.

This will get them up and moving and make them more alert for the meeting.

You could also do something more simple, like morning stretches or a walk outside. You can even hold the meeting while you’re walking.

Try These Morning Meeting Ideas

These morning meeting ideas are great for keeping employees motivated and ready to go through their workday. Whether you’re playing games, starting with praise, warming up, or offering snacks, at least one of these activities is sure to make your employees happy.

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