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Animal Lovers: Top 10 Most Popular Emotional Support Animals

People who love animals have enjoyed mental and emotional benefits from having pets in their homes since the first wolf decided to cozy up to a campfire. In recent times, animals have taken on an official role as support for those who face emotional distress, such as depression, anxiety, phobias, and loneliness. Any animal that has a strong bond with you and can help ease your emotional strain can be considered an emotional support animal (ESA). If you’re curious about which animals are best suited to be ESAs, read on.

1. Dogs

Dogs are excellent support animals because they are trainable, friendly, and responsive. However, certain breeds may be better suited to being emotional support dogs than others. Among the highest-ranked breeds for this purpose are Golden Retrievers, Great Danes, Corgis, Poodles, and Maltese.

2. Cats

Although cats are generally less predictable than dogs, cuddling a purring cat can be very soothing, making them great emotional support animals. If you want a cat that is affectionate, consider selecting a breed like a Russian Blue or Persian, and cuddle with them often when they are kittens.

3. Rabbits

Rabbits can quickly form bonds with people and have the softest fur. Being playful, cuddly, and curious by nature, being around rabbits can alleviate anxiety and depression.

4. Guinea Pigs

Gentle and interactive, guinea pigs that are handled from a young age make excellent support animals. It’s recommended to get two guinea pigs so they can keep each other company and avoid loneliness. To register your pet as an official emotional support animal, you can apply for ESA certification.

5. Ponies or Miniature Horses

These animals are often used on therapy farms for individuals with learning disabilities, terminal illnesses, or those recovering from trauma. They are gentle creatures that love people and are known for their calming influence.

6. Parrots

Parrots are colorful pets that can be responsive to their owner’s emotional state. Their ability to mimic what they hear can bring joy and entertainment to their owners.

7. Alpacas and Llamas

These animals are empathetic, friendly, and gentle by nature when raised around people. Their coats are incredibly soft, and alpacas are smaller than llamas, making them feel more accessible.

8. Goats

Goats are social animals that can sense their owner’s emotional state. They are calm and gentle, surprisingly social, and enjoy being around people.

9. Pigs

Pigs are highly intelligent and social animals that love attention. They communicate using a variety of sounds, including barking, squealing, and even laughing. Miniature pigs or Vietnamese pot-bellied pigs are often considered the best support animals.

10. Chickens

When raised with human contact, chickens can be affectionate and entertaining pets due to their personalities and quirks.

Emotional Support for Animal Lovers

Animal lovers would agree that a loving pet is one of the best forms of emotional support. The tactile benefits of giving and receiving love, as well as their unspoken connection, can help alleviate the stresses of life. Emotional support animals make life better.

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