Turtle Price in India | Things to Note about PET Turtles in India

There are various sea animals, reptiles, etc in our surroundings, while there are other animals too. Some of them are water animals while some of them are land animals.

Animals are known to be better than humans because the main reason is they are the most peaceful company and they don’t even offer any unwanted advice. Animals will not even think for a second to save someone’s life.

While talking about the sea animals, there are different types of other water bodies.

About turtles

One of those types is “turtles”, which are known as sea reptiles. The word turtle is derived from the French word tortue. They have a shell developed mainly from their ribs. They are preferably seen on most of the continents, some islands, and in the case of sea turtles much in the ocean. They breathe air and do not lay any eggs underwater unlike other sea reptiles, mammals, and birds.

It is quite obvious that the turtle’s shells are made up of bone. The upper part of the turtle is known as Carapace, while the underside is the flatter plastron. The outer surface of the turtle is covered in scales of keratin.

It is observed that the turtles have appeared in myths and folktales around the world as some freshwater and terrestrial species are kept widely as pets. A fact about these turtles is they have been hunted for their meat, for use in traditional medicines, and for their shells. Usually, it is observed that sea turtles are killed accidentally in those fishing nets. World turtle day is celebrated on May 23 as it began in 2000 and it is sponsored by the tortoise America rescue. The celebration of this day had a meaning to protect turtles and tortoises and their disappearing habitats mainly and to encourage human action to help them survive and thrive. This day is celebrated around the globe in a large variety of ways, from dressing up as turtles or wearing green summer dresses to saving turtles caught on highways

Price of Turtle in India

As you know, keeping a turtle is quite a responsibility. Remember that there are various types of turtles that one can buy according to their choices. The basic price of the turtles depends upon their breed, but one should also buy legal ones and not jump off to buying illegal pets as they would land into trouble by doing so.


  • Red ear slider turtle : INR 300 to 700
  • Albino Red Slider Turtle : INR 1800 to 2500
  • Western painted Turtle : INR 4000 to 6000
  • Eastern painted Turtle : INR 5000 to 7000
  • Golden Thread tail Turtle : INR  4000 to 7000

Things to note about turtles

  • The highest and the most strange fact about pet animals are they come to know who their real owner is and hence refuse to accept their regular meals from any stranger.
  • One must also keep in mind that not all turtles swim.
  • Turtles need fairly large aquariums to stay happy and healthy
  • Turtles should be given only the prescribed food, any other food would harm the turtle.
  • It needs at least 10 gallons of the tank as a youngster.
  • It needs 40 gallons of the tank when it reached adulthood
  • Land turtles need sunshine, adequate lighting, dry land, water to swim in, and vegetation.
  • One should always purchase healthy turtles and examine them in person
  • One must remember turtles need a lot of attention 
  • Turtles have a longer lifespan than humans, one needs to know this
  • Even the tiniest of turtles need huge space 
  • One must purchase turtles only from a reputable seller 
  • Turtles are quite cheap as compared to dogs and cats as pets.

Turtles are still the lowest maintenance pets you can ever find in your lifetime!!!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the Pet Turtle price in India?

Pet Turtle price in India starts from INR 300 to INR 7000.

What is the lifespan of Pet Turtles in India?

There lifespan is anywhere between 50 to 100 years‘ They are cute, quiet and don’t shed fur like other pets.

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