How to Find the Right OBGYN Doctor for You: A Guide

As a woman, it’s important you take the time to find a reputable and trustworthy OBGYN doctor. Whether you’re pregnant and looking for an obstetrician or simply looking for a gynecologist to schedule regular checkups with, it’s essential to have an OBGYN you’re comfortable with. The best way to find the right OBGYN for you is to know what factors to look for.

In the guide below, you’ll discover several things to look for when choosing the best OGBYN doctor. Continue reading to learn more!

Ask Around For Referrals

A great starting point is to ask around for referrals. Speak with friends, family members, and co-workers about OBGYN doctors they see or have seen in the past. Would they recommend that women’s health clinic to you?

Then, determine why or why not. This is a great way to learn about OBGYN doctors in your neighborhood.

Check Out Online Reviews

Now it’s time to read reviews online. You should be able to find online reviews by searching for the OBGYN doctor in your browser. Reviews might be found on the doctor’s website or on a review site.

Take your time reading through each review to ensure you get a good understanding of what to expect from that specific OBGYN.

Research the Credentials

As you know, all doctors must go through training and education in order to be qualified to provide health services. An OBGYN must have the necessary training and skills to provide both gynecologic and obstetric care to their patients. Do make sure to check an OBGYN’s credentials before choosing to see them.

Are they board-certified? Do they have any history of disciplinary actions or malpractice? Look at state websites to find this type of information.

Think About the Gender

How important is gender to you when selecting an OBGYN? You might find that most of the doctors at the office are OBGYN female doctors, but there are male OBGYN doctors as well. If it’s important to you to have either one or the other, then you’ll want to contact the office to learn who the doctors are.

If there’s only one doctor at the office, then you should be sure they’re the gender you require.

Consider Health Insurance

Last, don’t forget to consider your health insurance. If you choose an OBGYN that doesn’t accept your health insurance, then you could end up paying for all of your visits out of pocket. This could add up quickly.

To prevent this from happening, contact your health insurance provider and ask them to provide you with a list of OBGYN doctors near you that accept your insurance. You can then begin to research each one of those doctors. You can also contact the OBGYN doctor you’re interested in seeing and ask if they accept your health insurance.

Have You Found Your OBGYN Doctor?

With all of the helpful tips listed in this guide, we hope you’re now able to find your new OBGYN doctor. Take your time going through each of the factors listed above to ensure you find the best OBGYN for you and your needs.

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