3 Essential Dental Care Tips to Ensure a Healthy Mouth

Did you know that 91 percent of adult Americans have tooth decay?

This astounding statistic is the result of a study of American dental health. The participants ranged in age from twenty to sixty. It’s safe to say that the term ‘pearly whites’ does not apply to American teeth anymore.

How are your teeth faring? Are you keeping on top of your dental care? The following tips will help you bring your mouth back to better health and avoid tooth decay as well as gum disease.

1. Brush, Brush, Brush

How often do you brush your teeth?

If you only brush two or three times a day, guess what? You’re an over-achiever, and your mouth is cleaner than most.

the general recommendation from the American Dental Association is to brush teeth twice a day. Of course, it doesn’t hurt to make a habit of brushing your teeth after each meal, though.

Make sure to use toothpaste containing fluoride when you brush. Fluoride protects your gums as well as your tooth enamel, and it eliminates bad oral bacteria that would otherwise fester. Toothpastes with ingredients like baking soda are nice-to-haves, but they’re not necessary. The baking soda only serves to brighten your teeth.

2. Flossing Isn’t a Gimmick

What do you do when food stuck between your teeth drives you crazy?

Do you remove it with a random object like over 75 percent of Americans do in the moment, or do you have floss on hand?

If you ask your dentist how often you should floss between your teeth, they will probably tell you to do it at least once a day. Flossing removes plaque from your teeth and gums, which in turn helps to prevent gum disease and tartar build-up.

Though water flossers are rising in popularity, you only need basic dental floss to keep oral germs and disease at bay.

Keep a pack of floss with you at all times. Since floss comes in tiny packs, you can discretely keep one in your purse or pocket. This way, you can quickly floss throughout the day whenever the opportunity strikes.

3. Dental Care Equals Routine Cleanings

In addition to seeing a dentist for routine checkups and cavity fillings, make sure to book cleaning appointments twice a year.

In order to keep your teeth healthy, you should have your teeth cleaned by an oral hygienist every six months. Your dentist will remove any tartar in between your teeth, and they will make sure that your gums are clean and in good shape. A dental cleaning both brightens up your smile and offers an opportunity for preventive care.

Tooth Matters

After reading these tips about healthy teeth, are you ready to get your dental care in check?

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