How Flowers Can Help Improve Your Mood In A Instant

Green plants and flowers are natural healers and that is what makes us feel cheerful, happy and relieved at the first sight of the amazing blooms. The beautiful patterned petals have got the secrets to a better mood and a calming sensation that works like magic especially when we have a daily hectic life schedule. However, flowers also have a fundamental impact on our health, that is by reducing anxiety and helping to find the peace of mind that we seek for at the end of everyday, but just let us tell you that mere sight of beautiful blooms can give you all the relaxation that you have been looking for around. We understand that you might be wondering what is the science behind it? Is it really true that adding a vase full of flowers around you can actually cure those frazzled nerves? Well, read on to find more.

Flowers Help You Sleep:

Regular hours of good and sound sleep is the key to good health and well being and aromatic flowers like lavender can actually help you get a restful sleep every night. The fragrance of lavender flowers is also believed to help lower your heart rate and blood pressure meaning you might not have those shoots of anxiety if you sleep with a bunch of lavender flowers in your room and are more likely to drift you to sleep easily. Gerberas flowers also have the ability to increase the oxygen level in the surroundings  at nights and  flowers like orchids absorb carbon dioxide during the day and release oxygen in the evenings.

Flowers Help You Heal:

Flowers also make you feel physically better. According to a study conducted by the American Society of Horticulture, people exposed to plants and flowers had a lower blood pressure and heart rate and were also recorded with lower ratings of pain, anxiety and fatigue than those who did not have any flowers around. Uses Flowers help us heal and nurture in there own natural way and surrounding yourself with a few lovely blooms might just heal you.

Colour Therapy:

It is a fact that there is colour for every mood, while the colour red means love, the yellow is associated with happiness and cheer whereas the colour blue signifies calm or sadness. Well , choosing the colour of your flowers can affect you in the same way. The reason why green plants create a very comfortable environment around is majorly because of their green colour. The colour green is associated with safety and therefore the colour of flowers that you choose can help elevate your mood in a similar manner.

Flowers Help Boost Productivity:

Studies show that offices that have green plants and colourful flowers around can increase the productivity of your brain and also help encourage your creativity. Sparse and clean offices do not offer any visual stimulation for the employees who have to practically spend the whole day there which could surely affect their productivity. Well, it has also been observed that putting plants in classrooms and lecture halls help increase attendance and flowers surely make you happier and more attentive.

Flowers Evoke Memories:

Smell can trigger instant memories and therefore the smell of a rose flower of a lily can fill the room and your heart with beautiful memories of the past. They are also believed to bring back positive memories and therefore surprising your loved ones with these beautiful  blooms might just be what they ever wanted.

Well, if you know someone who is currently going through a lot of stress and you wish to cheer them up, do not forget to arrange a cake and flowers delivery at their doorstep, for this will surely lift up their mood and make them feel better.

Alen Parker

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