July 23, 2024

What Services Does a Certified Arborist in Sydney Offer?

Most of us know that an arborist works with trees, yet there are a wide range of services such a professional offers, which we outline in this short article.

  • Tree reports – Some landowners prefer to have a tree report commissioned from one of the providers of certified arborist reports in Sydney that lists the status of every tree on the property. Start with a Google search for ‘arborists in Sydney’, which should hook you up with an established arborist that offers tree reports.
  • Disease identification and treatment – There are many diseases that can impact trees and a certified tree surgeon can identify and treat diseased trees.
  • Pruning/lopping – Many large trees require lopping (removing the top section), while pruning shapes the tree, also removing deadwood. This should be an annual thing and pay particular attention to frees interfering with cables, which can be an issue if not addressed.
  • Tree removal – This is usually a last-resort option; a tree that has reached the end of its life or one that has storm damage might need to be removed and this is not an easy thing to do, especially in an urban setting. The tree surgeon needs to take a look at the site to determine the best way to remove the tree. 
  • Stump removal – A large tree stump pretty much means you can’t use the land for anything and most arborists have a stump grinder that reduces the stump to sawdust. The attachment can remove up to 1 metre of roots and all it needs is a rake-over and the stump is no more!
  • Planting – If you have recently acquired a large plot of land for future development, you should approach an established arborist to plan and plant the trees. Saplings do require some TLC, much more so than mature trees and the expert will ensure they are adequately protected when very young.

Trees are a wonder of nature and with professional help, your trees will provide you with shade and add some character to the property. An established arborist is the person to contact when you have any tree or shrub queries; you will receive a fair and honest appraisal and the expert has your best interests at heart.

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