May 30, 2024

Should You Buy a Tank Weighing System? With Top 4 Use Cases

Are you looking for a weighing machine that can measure the weight of liquid or solid material accurately? Then, putting your money on an excellent tank weighing system would be a good decision. Once you buy a tank weighing system, it will offer you simple and precise weighing. It isn’t that when you are in the market to purchase a long-lasting tank weighing system; you need to invest in a random device that might or might not fit your bill. Multiple weighing machine manufacturers in India equip each system with single or multiple load cells to suit customers’ requirements. In short, if you buy your tank weighing machine from a client-centric supplier, they can provide you a customized product that will fulfil your occupational needs. Now, let’s see:

What does a tank weighing system comprise?

Just to let you know, three essential components that designers assemble every tank weighing machine with are load cells, junction box, and weighing controller. The usage of this particular weighing machine occurs in production management and process control areas to weigh liquid and solid material without any inaccuracy. For instance, you can calculate the weight of the substance discharged from industrial tanks, bunkers, mixers, and silos after you buy tank weighing system

To weigh the desired material, all you need to do is place the load cells under every foot of the vessel and then connect them to a weighing controller through a junction box. Do you know what the best thing about a junction box is? It manages the signal difference where there are multiple load cells.

What are the standard specifications of a tank weighing system?

1. Capacity – 5 ton to 100 ton

2. Volume – 1-10 m3

3. Accuracy – 2kg to 50kg 

4. Material – 20kg to 500 tons 

5. Pressure sensor – 0.2T – 5T

6. Tank leg – 3-4 

7. Pneumatic butterfly valve 

What are the unique features of tank weighing systems?

1. No moving components 

2. No maintenance is required

3. High accuracy 

4. Economical price 

5. Reliable strain gauge load cells 

6. High and low-level audio-visual alarms 

7. Simple design for easy load cell replacement 

8. Expandable control output to utilize as batch controller 

9. Summation box to sum the load cell signals 

Which are the use cases for tank weighing systems?

1. Dissolvers 

2. Mixers, Kneaders, and stirrers 

3. Reacting and Heating tanks 

4. Big storage tanks 

How much do tank weighing devices cost?

The average price range of tank weighing systems is 1.2 lakh/unit to 1.5 lakh/unit. 

Why should you buy a high-quality tank weighing system?

1. Accurate inventory control

A few good reasons to invest in supreme quality tank weighing devices are that they last long and are easy to store. And when it comes to India’s prominent suppliers of tank weighing machines, they take measures to deliver the best-in-class accuracy and reliability in their products. Not just that, their engineers design the tank weighing kit keeping low maintenance in mind. So, if you wish to buy a tank weighing system that has a low cost of ownership in the long term, make sure you consider all these things. 

2. Reliable testing methods 

Do you know that the premier tank weighing device manufacturers use special jigs to calibrate and test each product they make? They examine its electronics to their maximum capacity and approve it for commercial use depending on the test results. And when a tank weighing machine performs well in the test, they provide it with appropriate test certificates. 

3. Superb load cells 

The third benefit of buying well-functioning tank weighing equipment from a trusted dealer is that they offer machines with superior quality load cells and specially-designed mounting arrangements. 

What’s more, the hermetically sealed Shear beam load cells with IP 65 protection are suitable for delivering accurate results, high performance, and maximum safety. Since tanks or vessels installed outdoors get exposed to high temperatures and wind and uplift forces, their special mounting arrangements protect the tank from various constraints. 

4. Smart electronics

If you are unsure about the tank weighing machine you want to buy, you can choose from a wide range of options with weight indicators ranging from the simple one to PLC integration-ready and relays. If you approach a client-focused weighing machine seller to purchase your vessel weighing device, they will suggest the machine that appropriately fits your needs. The reason? They want to cater to each customer in the best possible way so that they can get repeat sales and word-of-mouth referrals down the line. 

On a closing note!

We hope you learned a lot in this content piece about tank weighing systems, including their usage, structure, specification, application, and features. So, if you want to purchase a tank weighing equipment that fulfils your requirements adequately, give a ring to the best weighing machine distributor in India.

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