Why Varsity Jackets are an Effective and Fashionable Way to Promote Your Business?

Time and again, promotional products like varsity jackets have been proven to be effective marketing tools that increase brand awareness and encourage brand loyalty. Promotional apparel and outerwear is no exception.

According to a study conducted by the Advertising Specialty Institute (ASI) in 2016, promotional outerwear are one of the top 5 most powerful and persuasive promotional products across all age groups. It doesn’t matter whether your target audience is the Xennials, Millennials, or the Generation Z. It doesn’t matter if you are target audience is of men or women. All of them simply adore varsity jackets. Another study by the ASI tells us that 50% of the United States consumers own a custom promotional outwear out of which 75% of the people hold onto it for a very long period of time. This clearly shows that custom promotional outwear like a custom varsity jacket can make a massive difference and can seriously boost your company’s image. This makes including varsities in your marketing campaign a very fruitful idea.

There are numerous other why varsity jackets are an effective and fashionable way to promote your business. Some of the other reasons are:

1. Varsity jackets are creative and attractive

Customized varsity jackets is a very creative and attractive way of marketing your business. You can simply make your imaginations run wild. With custom varsity jackets you can choose everything for example the material, the color, the style, the pattern, the place where you want your logo to be displayed and etc.  In the case of varsity jackets you can easily make a product which will grab the attention of your audience. This attention grabbing jacket that you make will forever etch your brand or business in the mind of the people who receive them.

2. Varsity jackets are very cost-effective

Traditional marketing mediums such as television ads, billboards, magazine publications and etc. make a business look flashy and say a big statement about a company but these mediums are very very expensive. Which makes traditional marketing mediums quite unfeasible for small or nascent businesses. With promotional custom varsity jackets, all you’ve got to do is customize a varsity jacket according to your imagination and just gift them or distribute them out. You varsity will keep on marketing you and your business as long as they live. You can even lower the cost by purchasing and getting the varsity jackets customized in bulk quantities.

3. Marketing through varsity jackets is very easy and hassle-free.

Marketing your businesses a tough tough job. When you look at marketing through digital channels, there are all sorts of metrics you need to take care of. You need to set so many different things and have to make sure that the ad is perfect and then spend, money. Marketing through varsity jackets is pretty easy and hassle-free. Literally anyone can do it. All you need is a good varsity and then you just have to go and give it to the right people. Automatically the relevant people will get to know about you and these custom varsity jackets will keep on marketing your business.

These jackets will help your business stand out because of their uniqueness and also because varsity jackets are a timeless classic and everybody loves them. Like this, you’ll be marketing your business very easily.

4. Have a long shelf life

Promotional products generally have a long shelf life, but when it comes to varsity jackets, oh boy, do they last long! Because of this you are never in a hurry to distribute you items out having the fear that your items will get ruined. Another added benefit of varsity Jackets is that people absolutely adore them plus they don’t get ruined, which means that they’ll stay with your customers for a very long time. And all the time they are worn and kept by the customers they keep on getting impressions and promoting your business. Even one jacket promotes and introduces your business to numerous people. Statistics tell us that one outwear item will get you over 6,100 impressions. Which tells us just how fruitful it is to promote your business using varsity jackets.

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