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Healthy Human Foods You Can Treat Your Dog To!

People love their dogs, which is plain to see considering over 50% of Australian households own one or more! Dogs are our furry best friends, and if you are ever feeling down a few minutes of their unconditional love will see your spirits lifted! We want our dogs to be happy and healthy, and one of the best ways to see to this is in the choice of foods we give them.

While it is not wise to feed them too many table scraps, and sweets and crisps are strictly forbidden, there are a surprising number of human foods that you can give your dog as a treat!

The following are some of the best goodies your dogs will love to eat that will be good for them, too!

Ice Cream

I know it sounds a bit strange, but ice cream for dogs is a real thing, and it is both delicious and nutritious! Of course, you aren’t giving your pooch a bowl of sugary Rocky Road or Neapolitan, these are special flavours created just for dogs like Carrot and Bone Marrow, and Chicken and Pumpkin that are perfectly fine to feed them!

Your dog’s tail will be wagging when you serve up a dish of yummy doggie ice cream for them on a hot day!

Frozen Sardines

It may not sound as scrumptious to us as ice cream does, but these ice cold treats are chock full of good things like Omega-3 fatty acids, Vitamin B3, B12, and D! These nutritious little fish can be a bit salty coming out of the can so give them a quick rinse before you freeze them.

Don’t leave them in there too long, you want them to be a little crunchy, not frozen rock hard! Dogs go nuts for these, so who knows, maybe you will want to try one yourself? Pass? 

Peanut Butter

Yes, it is a little bit fatty, but in moderation peanut butter provides your pooch with proteins and healthy natural fats that are really good for them, and will make their coat nice and glossy.

Go for all natural brands with no added sugar, and make absolutely sure it doesn’t contain any artificial sweeteners like Xylitol which are deadly to dogs! The best part for you is watching your happy dog smack away at a spoonful, it’s guaranteed to keep them busy for a while!

Those are just a few of the fun snacks you can give your dog instead of the same old processed treats, and your happy furry friend will definitely thank you!

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