July 19, 2024

Frequently Asked Questions Of Persian Cats

Are you planning to bring a beautiful Persian cat home? If yes, you are definitely making a great choice. A Persian cat is one of those breeds that have a pure line. They have a very sweet look and nature which makes them one of the most popular choices among cat lovers. 

While more than half of the cat lovers in India are in love with this amazing breed, they are also worried about the cat price in India. With the increasing demand for this breed, the Persian cat has become one of the most commonly chosen breeds in the market. 

However, if you are a new owner, you might have a few questions in your mind. Since we understand your concerns and your endless queries, we are here to offer you relevant information about the breed. We make sure that coming to us will help you acquire some information about the Persian cat breed. 

So, let us check out some of the most common queries that new owners have in their minds. 

How to find a quality Persian cat? 

Persian cats are one of the widely chosen breeds available in the market. They are a cat breed that is known for their unique nature and appearance. Since they have a huge demand, chances are there that you might not get a quality Persian cat breed for you. 

Hence the first thing that you need is to check the breeder. You require making sure that the breeder only offers quality Persian cats. You can find the details of the breeders when you find their website. If you are doing the shopping for the first time, you must be perplexed watching the many opinions and options. 

Well, since we have quite a year of experience, we would recommend you to choose Mummy Cat. Since they have years of experience and they have been dealing with exotic breeds for years now, they can offer the best Persian cats. 

Do they need complete grooming? 

Yes! Persian cats have a double layer of coats in their body. Since they tend to shed a lot, you have to groom them properly to make sure that your room remains clean and tidy. Besides, not only is their double layer of coats is the reason that you need grooming, but you have to clean their ears, eyes and entire face. 

Grooming is an essential part of their lives to ensure the best health of your Persian cat. You have to make sure that you are cleaning their eyes as they have a very unusual shape. It tends to hold the water and creates a stain. So make sure that you are cleaning it properly. 

They also need to trim nails properly as it might tend to hamper the quality of the furniture. As their nails grow, they might end up scratching and hampering the look of your upholstery. 

Why is the Persian cat price in India high? 

The Persian cat price in India is mostly higher because of their demand. However, the price may vary from one place to another. If you are living in the cities where the demand is higher, you have to pay higher compared to the rural areas. 

If you compare, there is no doubt that the Persian cat price in India is mostly higher. Being a cat breed that is rare to find and has great features, Persian cats are a great choice. 

Are they good with other pets?

Persian cats are the safest bet if you have pets and kids at your home. Since they are not like other cat breeds that keep jumping from one place to another, they tend to become a great choice for humans. They are the kind of breed that like to stay at one place rather than moving around from one place to another. 

So if you have other kids and pets, you can stay assured that Persian cats can be a great choice for you. You can get in touch with Mummy Cats as they have some of the best varieties of exotic breeds and top Persian cats that can be valuable for you.


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