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Power of Low Search Volume Keywords: A Guide to SEO Success

The pursuit of high-volume keywords often overshadows the untapped potential of low search volume ones. These overlooked gems often struggle to make their way into SEO strategies due to the misconception that their low popularity equates to insignificance. However, that’s far from the truth. High search volume doesn’t always promise a high conversion rate, especially if your business caters to a niche market.

With proper planning and strategic implementation, these low-volume keywords can actually maximize website traffic and significantly improve conversion rates. These keywords, being niche, have a higher probability of attracting genuinely interested users, increasing chances of conversion. So, let’s explore five ways to harness the power of low search volume keywords.

Snag Those Low-Hanging Keywords

Begin by identifying those low search volume keywords, usually within the 0-200 searches per month range, that you can rank for with minimal effort. These “low-hanging” keywords can potentially result in a conversion that covers content development and optimization costs, making them a high-return, low-risk proposition.

Leverage ‘Buying’ Keywords

Finding a keyword that resonates with your audience is excellent, but striking gold is discovering a keyword that aligns with their purchasing intent. These ‘buying’ keywords often include qualifiers such as ‘discounts for,’ ‘cheapest,’ ‘best deals for,’ and ‘where to buy.’ By getting ahead of the competition with an enticing copy, you can attract these ready-to-buy users.

Optimize for Multiple Low Volume Keywords

A single piece of content can easily rank for numerous low-volume keywords. The trick is to incorporate various versions of the same keyword or phrase. Consider focusing on commercial keywords that couple a brand name with a product name. Such hyper-specific keywords are likely to attract users with a distinct interest in purchasing from your brand.

Foster Relevance in Emerging and Small Niches

Certain keywords may have extremely low search volumes because they haven’t yet become mainstream. This is particularly true for new brands or those operating in lesser-known niches.

One effective way to increase relevance and awareness is to generate content that targets these low-volume keywords. For instance, if you sell back massagers, you could create content around keywords such as ‘how to massage back’ or ‘how to relax back.’ This strategy simultaneously raises awareness about your brand and enhances its relevance.

Validate Conversions with PPC

Unsure if your chosen low-volume keyword will convert? Test it out with a Pay-Per-Click (PPC) ad. Choose a product or offer that would interest your target audience, find a suitable low-volume keyword, and run a modest search ad campaign to see if it results in conversions.


Securing top rankings with low-volume keywords may seem daunting initially, but the rewards are substantial. With patience and the right strategies, you’ll soon see the impact these often-overlooked keywords can have on your SEO success.

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