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Simple Upgrades For Your Bathroom’s Decor

After your bedroom, the bathroom is the most private and personal space you have in your home. Let’s face it, we spend a lot of time there every day, brushing our teeth, taking showers, doing our hair or make-up, and taking care of other business. Because we spend so much time in it, shouldn’t it be a pleasant place to be? Sadly, the bathroom comes in almost last right before the laundry room as the most neglected home space when it comes to decor and style. If there was ever a room that was badly in need of a makeover, we are willing to bet it’s your bathroom!

The first thing that pops into most people’s minds when they consider the idea is performing a major renovation! If you have the cash on hand, by all means, go for it, swap out those old appliances for new ones and have your trusted local plumber in Sydney come install them all for you, voila! New bathroom! Unfortunately, not all of us have that much disposable income to sink into a project like that, but there are still some ways you can give your bathroom a nice upgrade without a major investment! Here are a couple of our favourites:

Out With The Grout – That old grout that holds your tiles together might have been white once, but age, mould, and grime have turned it into one of those nameless colours that make taupe look bold and vibrant. Our neat trick is for you to give that old grout a really thorough scrubbing, bleach is your friend here, and once it’s dry apply a new coat of darker-coloured grout over it! Think of it like applying nail polish, you just paint it on and it looks fantastic! Go for colours that will match any appliances or furnishings you still like the looks of, or just go with a dark blue or green that will make the bathroom feel new again. If you are a diehard do-it-your-selfer you might want to go a big step further and replace the tile, too while you are at it, there are lots of great new designs and materials available now to choose from!

Splash Some Paint On – Most bathrooms are white. The walls, the toilet, the tiles, the sink, everything is white. White is a nice enough colour, it gives a sense of purity and cleanliness as long as it’s well-maintained, but let’s face it- it’s dull. Boring. ZZZ! If you are one of those people who tends to fall asleep sitting on the commode it’s because of white. The solution is to add some new colour! Paint the cabinets a bold shade, as well as the door and any shelving. You will be amazed at how much a new hue can do to make your bathroom feel brand new! If you want to splurge a bit invest in a new shower curtain and some towels to match!

As always, the Australian Government has an opinion, check here for information on home renovations that may be of use if you do decide to go further than these upgrades. We hope this inspires you to make your bathroom a bit brighter!

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