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Emergency Alert Message Flash in Delhi NCR: What You Need To Know

New Delhi: Residents of Delhi NCR were once again met with the familiar “Emergency Alert Message” on their smartphones this Tuesday, marking the second such occurrence in just a month.

The notification reads, “This is a SAMPLE TESTING MESSAGE sent through Cell Broadcasting System by Department of Telecommunication, Government of India. Kindly disregard this message as no action is required. This is a test for the Pan-India Emergency Alert System by the National Disaster Management Authority, aiming to enhance public safety with timely alerts during emergencies,” detailing the date and time of issuance.

This system, sanctioned by the government, is intended to warn residents during crises, including events like floods or landslides.

On Friday, September 15th, many had taken to social media platforms to post about the similar “Emergency Alert – Severe” message they had received on their mobile phones by mid-afternoon.

Remarkably, this Tuesday’s notification marks the 6th such message since August.

Earlier in July, the Department of Telecommunications, in alliance with the National Disaster Management Authority, declared their intentions to test the Cell Broadcast Alert System. The goal is to enhance communication during calamities and to ensure the safety of Delhi NCR’s residents.

In a statement, the Ministry of Communications mentioned, “In our unwavering commitment to safeguard the citizens of India, Cell Broadcast Alert System tests are being run across different Telecom Service Providers. Regular tests will be conducted throughout the country to evaluate the emergency alert broadcasting capabilities of various Mobile Operators and the Cell Broadcast System.”

The Cell Broadcast Alert System employs cutting-edge technology, enabling the broadcast of crucial disaster management messages to mobile devices within a specified area. This includes both residents and visitors, ensuring widespread reach. It’s a primary tool for government bodies and emergency services to broadcast vital alerts, ranging from severe weather warnings to evacuation notifications.

During this testing phase, individuals might receive these test alerts. The public is reassured that these notifications, clearly marked as “SAMPLE TESTING MESSAGE”, do not signify real emergencies.

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