5 Things Every First Aid Kit Should Include

With more than 540 injuries occurring every hour in the U.S workforce, your business cannot afford to slack off when it comes to providing proper medical care and accident prevention training to your workers. One of the best ways to achieve a high level of medical care is through having a quality first aid kit that’s stocked with everything you need.

But what exactly do you need to achieve success?

Well, wonder no longer! With this guide to the top 5 things every first aid kit should include, you’ll have a top-grade kit in no time!

But enough chatter, right? Let’s get into this thing!

1. Bandages and Gauze

When it comes to an industrial first aid kit, one of the first things you’ll need to throw in there are some bandages and gauze. While Band-Aids work well for small cuts and scrapes, you’ll want full-scale bandages in the event of a bigger injury. Make sure to keep a wide variety of bandages for different-size wounds.

You’ll also want sealed gauze packs (to prevent contamination) to help shore up excessive bleeding. Medical tape is also recommended so you have a good way to keep the gauze pinned down. Without that pressure, it’s less effective at stopping the bleeding.

2. Sterilization Gear

To stay clear of infection, the next thing you’ll need in your first aid kit is a way to sterilize the wounds to prevent infection. Alcohol pads are a cheap way to do this, though they do involve getting in close proximity to an open wound to work. To reduce the risk of biocontamination, pack an antiseptic spray instead.

If you’re looking for additional germ protection, antibiotic ointment is another good addition to the kit. A small bottle of hand sanitizer can prove useful in a pinch too.

3. Gloves

Ensuring the safety of the person providing care via the first aid kit is as important as helping the person receiving the care, and gloves are an easy way to achieve this safety. They do so by blocking germs and bodily fluids from getting on/into another person, which lowers the chances of infection and illness in the caregiver.

4. Cream for Any Situation

If an employee gets burned while on the job, you’ll want to have burn cream in your first-aid kit to help soothe the pain and heal the burn. You’ll also want to include cream to help mitigate things like insect bites and stings, as well as skin rashes.

5. Guidebook on First Aid Procedures

When giving your employees an industrial first aid kit like those offered by firstaidsuppliesonline.com/product/extra-large-industrial-first-aid-kit/, they need to know how to use the tools within. Thus, including a guidebook in the first aid kit on how to address different medical issues is crucial to prevent hesitation or mistakes that could make an injury worse.

Most handbooks also come with instructions for techniques outside the first aid kit like performing CPR.

Time to Build the Best First Aid Kit Around

And there you go! Now that you know about the top 5 things you need to have in a first aid kit, you’re ready to continue the workday secure in the knowledge that you’ve got the tools ready to address any accident! And for more tips on keeping medical safety a priority in the workplace, make sure to check out the other posts on our website!