Why You Should Be Taking Cat’s Claw

Herbs and other dietary supplements offer a wide range of health benefits. According to the CDC, over 57 percent of American adults take some form of dietary supplement.

If you’re looking for an herb that offers amazing benefits for the body, cat’s claw is an excellent choice.

Read on to learn more about this anti-viral and anti-inflammatory herb to see if it’s the right fit for you.

What is Cat’s Claw Good For?

You may wonder, does cat’s claw kill viruses? This natural herb may support the body’s immune system and could help you fight off infections.

Consuming this herb often may help to increase the number of white blood cells. White blood cells play a key role in combating infections and reducing inflammation.

The herb works by boosting the immune response to calm an overactive immune system. This is likely due to its impressive anti-inflammatory properties. If you want to take cat’s claw for Coronavirus, talk to your healthcare provider before you add it to your daily regimen.

More Benefits of Cat’s Claw

Combine cat’s claw with other minerals, vitamins, and trace elements to experience other benefits. You may take this herbal supplement daily to experience optimal health and more energy.

Look for a quality supplement from brands like Evolved Minerals to ensure the best potency. A combination of other ingredients like Ginko Biloba and goji berry extract will increase its positive effects.

This unique herb may help with osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. Since cat’s claw has potent anti-inflammatory properties, it helps with pain and swelling of the joints.

How Long Does it Take for Cat’s Claw to Work and How Much Should You Take?

According to the World Health Organization, the average daily dose of cat’s claw in the form of dried stem bark is 20-350 milligrams. Take 300-500 milligrams when taking capsules in two to three doses during the day.

How fast this herb works depends on many factors. This includes your age, weight, and other medications or supplements you’re taking. To treat arthritis and osteoarthritis, try a daily dose of cat’s claw extract between 60 and 100 milligrams per day.

Stick to taking cat’s claw daily to experience the benefits as soon as possible. If you skip a dose, simply return to your normal dose as soon as you remember.

The speed that cat’s claw works will depend on your specific condition. It may also depend on how potent the dose is and where you purchased it. Always choose supplements that are independently tested by a lab for the best results.

Try This Natural Herb Today

If you’re dealing with inflammation or a virus, consider adding cat’s claw to your supplement routine. With regular consumption, this unique herbal supplement can provide you with a range of health benefits.

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