5 Google Ads Tips to Start Implementing Today

Did you know that 90% of consumers haven’t made up their minds about brands before searching? Getting your company in front of Google users early in the process can lead to more sales.

You can use SEO to gain a long-term advantage on the algorithm. SEO has its place in any content strategy, but pay-per-click Google ads provide immediate visibility.

You can pay to play by running ads on the most popular search engine. We’re sharing five Google Ads tips to take your ad campaigns to the next level.

1. Run A/B Split Tests

A/B split tests let you make small changes to your ads. Changing a single variable across ad sets can decrease your cost per click.

Brands advertising on Google can change ad copy, headlines, targeting, and other details. A/B split tests reveal better ad choices or verify your current ads work well.

You should wait 1-3 weeks before turning off one of your ads in the A/B split test. If both ads perform well, keep them both running. You never know when one of them may lose traction.

2. Optimize Your Landing Page

Google ads get people to your landing page. You can optimize the targeting and lower your cost per click. However, the landing page’s conversion rate plays a vital role in sales.

Brands can also run A/B split tests for their landing pages. They can determine which color schemes and calls to action drive the most leads.

Google Ads aren’t the only way to get traffic to your landing page. You can also use these tips to gain additional traction.

Companies should utilize several resources to reach new prospects.

3. Think of Your Customer Avatar

What keywords would your potential customers use to find your offer? Consider what prospects are thinking before they buy an offer like yours.

Use keywords that align with your business and customer expectations. You can also tell Google not to display your business for certain keywords. Luxury brands won’t want to show their ad to people looking for cheap products.

4. Stick with a Budget

Some ad managers get excited and create many ad campaigns. Publishing too many ads will stretch your budget and limit impressions for each ad set.

Establish a monthly budget for your Google Ads. You can disable unprofitable ads and put more money into successful campaigns. These efforts will help maintain the budget and grow your business.

5. Understand Your Ad’s Objectives

Every business wants to make money, but not every ad has that primary objective. Some ads introduce people to your brand. These ads build awareness and get people to engage in your ecosystem.

Awareness ads can provide you with more customers in the future. However, their initial purpose is to get more people to know about your business.

Other ad campaigns lead people to a product or service. These ads aim to drive sales on the spot.

Knowing your objectives before setting up ads helps you measure success. You can draw more accurate conclusions about an ad’s performance and how it impacts your business.

Implement These Google Ads Tips

These Google Ads tips can increase your brand’s visibility and revenue. You’ll capitalize on a site many people rely on for their searches.

Want to learn more about Google ads? Continue reading this blog for additional insights and resources.