Don’t Cry Over a Phone Screen Crack: 5 Ways to Protect Your Device

Let’s play a game. How many phone screens do you think break every day? Or let’s be even more specific – every hour?

If you guessed over 5,000 phone screens per hour, you’re the winner! But sorry, no prizes today!

But if you want the real prize, keep reading because we tell you all the secrets to preventing a phone screen crack.

1. Use a Tempered Glass Screen Protector

If you have a tempered glass screen protector on your phone, the face of the phone looks more real. But that’s not the truly important part.

If you drop the phone, the tempered glass screen protector is more likely to crack than the actual phone itself. Just be sure that if you get a screen protector that you choose the tempered glass option since this is the most protective.

2. Use a Phone Holder

There are a few different cases that can help you have a better grip on your phone which is a great way to protect your phone!

A leather phone holster is one idea or a pop socket is another.

If you are walking or running and lose your footing, having these types of phone holders makes it easier to keep ahold of it.

3. Get a Screen Protection Insurance

When it comes to different types of insurance, you may be doing it all wrong. As important as health and car insurances are, screen protection service is right up there with it.

With as many people dropping and breaking their phones as there are, having an insurance that covers the broken phone screen is crucial if you don’t want to keep pulling money out of your wallet.

4. Get a Protective Case

Walking around without a phone case on your phone is begging for an accident to happen, and maybe even begging for money to be dropping out of your wallet while you walk.

Having a phone case is important to protect not just the phone itself, but the phone screen. However, not all phone cases are created equally.

One that is made of rubber and and can absorb the shock is the best kind to get. That way, when you drop it (when not if, because we know how these things go), it will be able to absorb the shock of the drop, bounce a little, and then land without a crack in the phone itself. These cases should also stick a little above the screen itself so that it protects the screen when it falls.

Prevent a Phone Screen Crack

Nothing ruins your day like dropping your phone and getting a phone screen crack. Many of us have been there, and if you haven’t, consider yourself lucky.

But with these four tips, preventing a cracked phone screen is pretty doable! You can thank us later.

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