What Is the Best 5G Network for Phones? A Closer Look

5G is all over the news as of late. Many believe it to be the latest and greatest in mobile internet browsing and data technology. Others, however, have fallen into the trap of believing conspiracy theories about this technological advancement. (In spite of them being thoroughly debunked and disproven.)

No matter what you believe, there’s no denying that 5G is everywhere, and all our phones have adapted to use it. What is the best 5G network for mobile phones? Here’s what you need to know.

Which 5G Network Has the Best 5G Availability and Reach?

Having a phone that can access 5G can only benefit you if you live somewhere that has access to 5G towers. So, which phone carrier has the greatest availability and reach for their 5G network?

Users of AT&T struggled to access a 5G signal, only finding one around 16% of the time. Verizon users fared even worse, with about 10% of the customers able to access 5G at any given point.

The clear winner? T-Mobile, which allowed around 35% of its customer base to use the 5G plan. This may not seem impressive at first, but it doubles AT&T’s availability and almost quadruple’s Verizon’s.

Which 5G Network Has the Best Upload and Download Speed?

Upload and download speed might not seem important until you realize that’s the mechanism driving how long it takes for your phone to send and receive pictures when you don’t use Wi-Fi. So, which mobile network has the best speeds?

T-Mobile once again smokes its competition with download speeds that more than double those of its competitors. It follows this up with upload speeds that outstrip Verizon’s by 2 megabytes per second and AT&T’s by 7 megabytes per second.

Which 5G Network Has the Best User Experience?

While T-Mobile may handily defeat other carriers in terms of speed and availability, but when it comes to user experience, another carrier wins the day. For streaming, playing games, and supporting voice calls, Verizon stands head and shoulders above its competition. So, assuming you can find a signal, Verizon will provide the smoothest experience.

What If You Don’t Use the Big Three?

“That’s all well and good,” you may say, “but what if I don’t use the main 3 mobile network providers?” Well, good news! Pretty much all other networks are subsidiaries or bounce off the towers of the main three networks. For instance, Boost Mobile uses T-Mobile’s 5G network to power its own 5G capabilities.

So, no matter which carrier you use, you should be able to get the most out of your new 5G phone.

T-Mobile Has the Best 5G Network

In almost every respect, it’s clear that T-Mobile has the best 5G network available today. With more availability, better signal quality, and faster upload/download speeds than its competitors, it’s clear to see why so many choose them as their providers today.

However, now that you know the best network to use, how will you choose the best phone for it? Read our blog for more informative tech articles like this one to find out!