The Common Causes of Sensitive Teeth Explained

Having sensitive teeth is one of the main symptoms of gum disease. This disease can cause infections and loosen the teeth from the jaw. If you have sensitive teeth or even one sensitive tooth, it’s natural that you worry about gum disease.

But there are many other, more likely causes of sensitive teeth. Treatments are available for most causes and some are even reversible. So you must find the answer to “Why are my teeth sensitive?” and give yourself the best chance of recovery.

This is a list of what causes sensitive teeth so you can learn how to fix sensitive teeth too. 

Cracked or Damaged Tooth

Some tooth cracks are so small, you may not even realize you have a damaged tooth. But if you are experiencing sensitivity, it could be that a crack has exposed a nerve ending. 

The only way to stop this type of tooth sensitivity is to visit a dentist. They will be able to give you a filling or crown that will not only fix the tooth but stop the cause of your sensitive tooth. You should check out this dentist or contact a local dentist ASAP.

Brushing Too Hard

Your teeth consist of a hard material called enamel that covers and protects the outer layer of your tooth. But if the enamel on your teeth wears down, it will expose canals leading to your tooth’s nerve.

When you use a hard-bristled toothbrush and brush too hard, this can weaken your enamel. This is one of the main causes of sensitive teeth. Though you cannot get your enamel back, you can stop it from getting worse.

Switch to a soft-bristled, electric toothbrush which will alert you if you are pressing too hard.

Eating Too Much Acidic Food

If you already have exposed nerves in your mouth, eating certain foods will aggravate your sensitive teeth more than others. Avoid acidic foods like kiwis, grapefruits, lemons, and pickles.

Use Teeth Whitening Toothpaste

Most people will have no problems using teeth whitening toothpaste and other whitening products. But others are more sensitive to certain chemicals than others.

So if you are using these products and your teeth are becoming sensitive, stop using them! The chemicals in these products might be doing more harm to your teeth than good.

Side Effect of a Dental Procedure

One of the little-known sensitive teeth causes is a dental procedure. This is because you would not expect something that should help your teeth to also hinder them. But braces can cause receding gums and the part of the tooth that should remain under your gum can be sensitive.

Crowns, root canals, and tooth extractions can all be causes of sensitive teeth.

Now You Know the Causes of Sensitive Teeth

Knowing the causes of sensitive teeth will help you understand which one applies to your situation. Then, you will be able to rectify your mistake or seek advice from a dental professional.

Good oral hygiene is key to the health of your entire body, but it’s not the only way to get healthy. Browse our lifestyle articles for more healthy food and exercise tips!